Epilogue: Smile

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[Date Redacted]

'Rachel Gardner, a girl who vanished during questioning regarding the Gardner homicide, was found near a burning building in [City Redacted, State Redacted] and taken into protective custody.

Found accompanying her was Isaac Foster, a suspect presumed to be involved in a string of murders which have made headlines in past years. This time, Foster was charged and arrested for kidnapping. And though he denies these allegations, he has gone on record to admit the murder allegations are partially true. Furthermore, the body of a man was found in the burnt remnants of the building, though authorities are unable to identify it.'

Seven Months After

[Date Redacted]

'Authorities are investigating the possible involvement of a new cult in the recent building fire, though an explosion at the time of the fire caused the building's basement to collapse, hampering progress.

'Furthermore, due to allegations against Isaac Foster as a suspect surfacing in the Gardner homicide, the case has now been reopened.

'Meanwhile, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gardner, Rachel, who denied allegations against Foster for kidnapping, was transferred to a rehab facility. Due to exhibiting signs of mental delirium, she is receiving counseling from a medical specialist.'


In a dreary, dark, shadowed jail cell at some time in the deepest part of the night, a boy sits by himself. Knees pulled haphazard to his chest as he leans back against the granite wall behind him, fitted in a garish orange uniform with a numbered code on it instead of a name.

The world around him is silent, save for the faint click of his fingertips snapping together, as if following a song only he can recall. His arms are draped over his knees, and his form is illuminated in the glow of the night sky.

His black hair shields his face, but his heterochromatic eyes gaze out, through the small, rectangular barred window that gives him just the faintest glimpse of the world outside and the shining moon above. He feels patient for once— waiting for something. Waiting for the second shoe to drop.

That world outside... it can't stay outside his grasp forever.

His time is coming. Soon.

He has to wonder... if she's waiting for him out there.

That promise he made to that doll-like, strange, utterly enigmatic girl has been the only thing on his mind since the day he was admitted. It hasn't left his thoughts a single time, and it's the only other thing besides his own bloodlust that keeps him up at night.

...The thought of her, waiting for him to keep his promise. Their vow.

HIs smile is blinding, a grin wide enough to take down the strongest stern expression. Meeting that lunar glow with his unique smirk, he doesn't feel afraid of his future, as dark as it seems.

I'm gonna be free.


...No matter what happens, that vow is unbreakable.


Ten Months After

[Date Redacted]

'For the crimes of serial murder and kidnapping, Isaac Foster...

...was sentenced to death.'

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