08 - Caution

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Wolf Haven - Lotus Leaf [Mount Burdock District]

Seth placed the old blade back in its sheath and set it down on his reading table, beside the many books he had planned to read in the summer, it was now October. He lowered into the swivel chair as memories of the life before Rebrook came to mind. Much as he loved Rebrook and his family, some days he wished he'd stayed away from it. He was a young wolf, proud and foolish and searching for the place rumoured to have created the first utopia for mundanes and his kind.

The wolves, much like the vampires were protected by the town's magic. The heavy clouds to hide the sun, and conceal the moon. The shattering of bones when transforming into wolf was a painless process now, curtsy of the Rebrook's magic. It had its many advantages, but Rebrook was a tough place to be, especially as mystic.

"The city is breached Seth," Marc reported as he entered the alpha's place. Seth's eyes narrowed from where he sat to the far end of the large parlor. "Reported citing of wraiths and Raglogs," the highborn added.

"It was only a matter of time," was Seth's response. He leaned back in his chair and exhaled a tired sigh.

Marc walked around the large room where most of the highborn wolves met with their alpha to discuss private matters, away from the council and canines. Unlike the canines, the highborn wolves were pure breed born of both wolf mother and father. The canines were simply half wolves, with their wolf gene dominate.

"What are your orders?"

Seth shook his head. There was nothing the wolves could do. The witches stood a better chance against the evils escaping the void. He rose and paced about.

"Recall the wolves to the haven," Seth ordered. "And send for the circle. We need the haven spelled against the evils," Marc nodded to him and started for the exit. He met Misty by the door, passed her a polite smile and was gone.

"Chaos stirs within the heart of our city my love," she went to him and slipped her arms around his shoulders. Seth's arms took her waist as he huffed, and she smiled to him. "It's the Oriental's doing, is it not?"

He stroked her cheek. "What else is new?" Seth asked. She smiled as she caressed his bearded cheeks.

"I have to pay Martha a visit. Surely she has a plan to deal with all of this," Seth said to his mate. "Why are you here?"

Misty laughed at the question. She understood it but it was strange all the same. "I thought this was more important than chasing after elvish weapons," she said.

Seth kissed her cheek and started for the door.

"The house of Edgar refused an audience with me," she revealed. Her mate turned back to her. "I think it's best that you reach out to them yourself."

"Whatever is their problem, really, these elves?"

"May I interest you in several conjectures?" she asked with a grin he knew too well. Seth laughed as his eyes assessed her.

"Another time perhaps," he offered and she nodded to him. Seth lingered a moment ogling at her with that proud primal smile that made her blood sizzle. "Milady," he winked at her and showed himself out.

Misty giggled to herself. She lowered into the black couch closest to her in their grand hall and let out a loud exhale. Rebrook wasn't safe anymore. Perhaps they could leave, join the other mystics who dared to travel outside the dome centuries ago.

Of course it wouldn't matter this time. If they couldn't contain the evils here, they would spread and the entire world would be plunged into chaos. She had barely settled in when Reed entered without a knock.

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