7. The Morning After

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I lay in the comfort off my bed staring up at the ceiling. Luke had somehow managed to snake his arm around my waist and rest his head on my shoulder throughout the course of the night. I was amazed that both Luke and I had actually managed to sleep through out the night until the next morning. We both must have been drained as we slept for at least nine hours, something I had not done in a long time, it almost felt as though it was a luxury.

It was the morning after and Luke was still sound a sleep. As I moved around a lot in my sleep, it causes my hair to appear as if it was a bird nest. Not wanting Luke to wake up next to my dishevelled appearance, I decided that now would be the ideal time to go for my morning shower. I enjoyed taking showers in the morning, it made me feel as though I was ready to take on the day. I wasn't one to take long showers. The only time I did take long showers was whenever I had had a hard day and needed to relax.

Turning on the shower, I allowed the water to reach the ideal temperature before I stepped in, wincing slightly at the sudden heat, before allowing my muscles to relax. Stepping out of the shower, I rinsed the excess water out of my hair and once I had wrapped a towel securely around myself, I returned back to my room.

I seemed to have completely forgotten that I currently had a sleeping Luke in my room. I entered the room, humming lightly to myself as I turned to my dresser to grab some clothes. As I was grabbing my underwear, a low cough interrupted me from my daze. I could feel my body tensing. Turning around, my cheeks heating up with embarrassment as I faced a smirking Luke.

"Sorry," I quickly apologised, grabbing the rest of my things, "I completely forgot that you were in here." I laughed awkwardly as I headed out of the room, attempting to save myself from anymore potential embarrassment.

"It was okay, I didn't mind." Luke called out after me, his commenting only further adding to my embarrassment.

I decided that I would give Luke some time to get himself dressed before I went back into my room, saving him and I any further awkwardness. I gave myself the task of preparing Luke and I breakfast. I headed to the kitchen, scanning through both the cupboards and refrigerator trying to decided what I should make. I, being the wonderful cook that I am, was preparing Luke and I scrambled egg on toast.

Just as I was finishing putting out my masterpiece of a breakfast Luke appeared, bag in hand and shoes on his feet. "Uh, I actually need to head off now, I have a client later, I should probably go home and get ready and stuff." He spoke in a monotone voice, not looking in my direction.

"Oh yeah, that's okay. I should have probably asked if you wanted breakfast. I'll just give this to Ollie. Are you feeling any better?" I asked, taking in his appearance. He still looked kind of rough and under the weather.

"Yeah, I can feel myself starting to get better. Thank you for yesterday, I appreciated it." He nodded at me before heading out, not giving me a chance to say a goodbye.

Just as I had thought Luke and I were beginning to develop a friendship, he becomes almost cold and distant again. I don't necessarily expect Luke and I to become life long best friends, however it would be nice for him to show some more friendliness towards me.

However, it could simply be possible that Luke would prefer not to be my friend, and I was trying to force a friendship that was not meant to be. Never the less, I will continue to offer Luke my friendship, whether he wishes to return it or not.

"Morning." A gruff voice called out as Ollie staggered into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes tiredly. I simply replied good morning back to him.

"I made food." Ollie raised his eyebrows in surprise, inspecting the food to ensure that it was in fact edible and safe to eat. This was something he done every time I cooked as I was not the best.

"Thanks. Hopefully it tastes good. You somehow manage to make toast taste like shit." He grumbled, heading toward the couch. I simply flipped him off and headed back towards my room. I had learned to deal with Ollie's rudeness in the morning as he was simply not a morning person and it was best not to talk to him more than necessary.

My phone had dinged, informing me that I had a text. As I looked down, I furrowed my eyebrows at the name, this was the last person I had expected to receive a text from at this moment in time.

Luke Hemmings:

Thank you again for yesterday, you really did help me out and I'm sorry for this morning. My band are playing tonight at this event at Kenneth's Kitchen, you should come if you are free, it starts at eight. It would be nice to see you there.

I grin spread across my face as I hastily replied. I had informed Luke that I would in fact be there and that I was excited to see him play. Luke had told me that he played guitar, but I had no idea he was in a band. I wonder if he could sing? I suppose that I will have to find out tonight.


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