Chapter Thirty-Five: A professional eye-roller.

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Chapter Thirty-Five: A professional eye-roller.

Wednesday Night

KAYLA sat crossed legged on the Jackson's living room couch. She was surrounded by rowdy teenage boys, waiting for her best friend to arrive home from the dance studio.

She was confused with the scene George caused this morning in the hallway, calling Lydia beautiful and wanted to ask her about it.

Were they friends now? She asked herself, shaking her head a few moments later. They couldn't be friends, they were too different to ever cross paths.

Yet they did, and the platinum blonde found that scary.

George was laughing along with Harvey, a part of the offence, as Aaron ordered another pile of pizzas for the team. He was talking about the party and how drunk everyone had gotten. Drunk people are always the funniest kind of people.

He was waiting for Lydia to come home though he wasn't the only one. Her best friend Kayla sat an armchair, across the room from where he sat. She was frowning at the team, sticking up her nose at them as if she was better than them all.

George held in an eye roll as he focused back onto the conversation the rest of the team was having. But he couldn't stop thinking about Kayla and her attitude.

Aaron grinned as he ended the phone call with the pizza company, more food was coming. Hearing a knock on the front door, he opened it thinking it was the pizza delivery guy.

But, it wasn't instead it was his sister smiling sheepishly at him. "I forgot my key," she said before walking past him into the kitchen.

Lifting herself onto the kitchen island, Lydia asked her brother if the team was over tonight. She didn't really care about the football team being here, just one person on that team. George.

Rolling his eyes, Aaron nodded," he's here."


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