Chapter 29

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"Blood-sucking Bitch!" A snarl reached out above the music, drawing looks from all over the club. I snarled in response to the comment, as I landed on my ass on the floor, looking up at the same female wolf that had tried to attack me at the pack's lodge up in the mountains. "Think you can just come in here and move in on any wolf you want?" She was snarling at me, her eyes changing as her face changed enough that her canines were showing. She was on top of me in a second trying to scratch and bite me. A hand to her throat stopped her teeth's progress toward me and I sacrificed stopping her from scratching me, to slam my other fist into her face, hard, sending her flying back off of me.

I jumped up snarling at her with blood-red eyes, fangs descended. She came at me again, springing from her crouching position, slamming into me from several feet away, knocking us both to the ground again as we crashed into an empty table. Her hands were flying out all over the place, trying to slap and scratch me, as she snarled. I threw her off of me with my power and ended up on top of her, pinning her shoulders with my knees. I held her arms down and she snarled from the floor where I had her pinned, thrashing her feet and head trying to find a purchase. "Who are you, calling a bitch?" She heard the implication in my words; she was a wolf after all.

She snarled at me, even angrier, as she struggled against me. Our altercation had only lasted a few seconds before the guys had finally made it out of the booth to come break it up. I heard Drogo's excited laugh in the background; he would love a girl fight. Sebastian's arms wrapped around my middle and pulled me off of the wolf, while York stepped in to prevent her from retaliating again. I calmly stood and let Sebastian hold me, looking at her snarling at me from York's grip. I sighed my irritation at the ridiculous drama, over nothing at all. It wasn't like she had caught me making out with her man. She had just stilled when I shot out at York, "Better find yourself a different female with a little class, York. This one's just gonna breed hyper pups." Her infuriated snarl had me smiling as she resumed her struggle against him, trying to get to me.

Sebastian leaned in close to my face and whispered through a smile, "Sasha, you are enjoying this way too much. Fanning the flame is not a good idea." I looked back at him over my shoulder and shrugged before winking at him with a smile. "She started it," I laughed out and turned around in his arms. He laughed and shook his head saying, "You're incorrigible." "You gonna give me a dance tonight, since your arms are already around me?" He sighed and laughed again, letting me lead him away from the fuming female to the dance floor. He held my hands and we danced to the upbeat music, while I kept my eye on the other woman who was arguing with York. I couldn't help the snort that escaped me, when he sent her packing.

I held Sebastian's hands out to the side while I shook my hips to the catchy beat, moving in and out of his space. He gave me his crooked smile, enjoying the moment. He tried to catch me up closer to him but I evaded him and he laughed, saying, "Tease." I gave him a broad smile as I moved back into his space. We both knew that it was true where he was concerned but we also both enjoyed it. I turned around to dance back against him and found my vampire brothers watching us. They were actually smiling at our antics, so I returned the smile, flirting with them, while Sebastian and I danced. They weren't worried about us any longer; they knew who I was going home with.

I looked from them to Lucas who was looking like he wanted to join us. I turned around to face Sebastian again, hanging on him a little closer. I couldn't encourage Lucas' interest. Sebastian stole a look at Lucas and flashed him a glowing-eye warning, wrapping his arms around me a little more. Lucas got the message and followed York back to their booth; they were talking animatedly about their ridiculous female's drama, by their gestures. "Thanks, Seb." "I told you that he was actually interested, poor guy. Guess your little ruse on his brother worked a little too well on him. He's got it bad." I sighed and looked at him with a raised eyebrow hissing, "It's your fault! If you hadn't suggested I show him firsthand the 'Vampire's Kiss' we probably wouldn't have a problem."

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