Part 7

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I swirled the spoon in the black coffee, my eyes fixated onto the mug in front of me " so I looked into it and you are pretty far away from home " Micheal noted as he shut his laptop
" how far? I mean how did they even get me here that far away from home " my mind ran circles
" look I know it's difficult, they will be watching the borders as they'll be expecting for you to try and leave town " he explained
" but there is one thing they're not expecting "
" for me to be with you "


I tapped my fingers against the desk, my eyes glued to my 'trackers' " she's a human, and you can't fucking find her?! " I banged my fist against the desk, creating a dent into the wood
" we had her scent, we did! But as soon as we hit town we lost her " I rolled my eyes and stood up
" search the whole town, I don't care if you have to knock on every fucking door! Just find her " I growled " yes alpha " they nodded in union and ran out

I took a deep breath and pulled my fingers through my hair, how can she be causing so much problems for me? But most of all, I hated the fact that I missed her...
Her light grey eyes, long dark hair-no! No she's human I can't think like that!


I walked down the street as I looked at the little business, I loved small towns, the homey feel to it always made me smile.
I noticed a shop with crystals and stars in its window, I shrugged and walked inside. The small bell rang above my head, as I shut the door I looked around to see if anyone was in here but it seemed to empty

I walked up to the books and looked trough them...they all seemed to be about witchcraft
" hello " I spun around surprised and looked at a woman, she wore all black, red hair tied back in braids and a smile on her red lips " oh hi, sorry I was just looking " I smiled at her slightly
She stared at me, with deep blue eyes " you look so familiar " I looked and at her and chuckled " I'm new in town so "
She continued to stare at me, her eyes began making me uncomfortable " so um I'll be going" I smiled at her as I slowly walked outside

I took a deep breath of the fresh air and shook off the creepy feeling from that women, that's when I froze, two men who looked familiar we're walking down the street, towards where I was, I quickly began walking the other way, keeping my head down and making sure they didn't notice me
As soon as I had a chance I sped down an alleyway and found a back way towards a parking lot. I stopped and closed my eyes, breathing heavily...why did this have to happen to me?

My life used to be so simple, and now? Now I'm in some fucking town running away from werewolf's and hiding out with some weirdo who thinks he's a badass rouge wolf....
I took a deep breath and carried on walking, making my way through back ally's and making sure I wasn't on any open roads

I opened the door to the hotel room and looked around, Micheal seemed to be away...I always wondered what he did when he left, I mean wouldn't the pack be able to smell him? I landed on the bed and closed my eyes but then, I could feel vibrating...I looked around confused until I felt it beneath me

I got to my feet and shuffled under the mattress until I pulled out a phone, there were three missed calls and two text messages. I knew I shouldn't but Micheal was suspicious...

I opened the messages and read the first one

Micheal-Gray I have what your looking for. On one condition, you let me back into the pack

Gray- tell me where she is, and you can come speak to me about it

Micheal-she's leaving now, you can send one of your goons out if you wish, but I'm not bringing her to you


Gray-where is she? She isn't in town

Gray-*missed call

Gray-Micheal answer the fucking phone!

Gray-*missed call

Gray-*missed call

I held the phone in my hand tightly, unable to let go of it. The little fucker...
I quickly got to my feet and looked around, I shoved the phone in my pocket and went through the bed side draw, I found his wallet and keys. I didn't have any clothes anyway so I might as well steal his, like he's gonna need them he spends most of his time running around the woods in his fur suit.

I left the hotel room and made sure no one was around, I really couldn't trust anyone around here could I.


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