49: Reunited: Day Sixty-Three

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Brian choked out a laugh, quickly miming to Melanie that her question wasn't dumb as he tried to compose himself.

"You can tell Mel she has to have that conversation with you," he choked, collecting the bits of protein bar he'd spat on his shirt. "I don't think I'm ready for the whole birds and bees talk."

"It means sex?" Melanie asked curiously.

"That's what I've been told," Brian replied, his cheeks turning pink.

"Can I ask you one more question?" Melanie asked.

"Go for it," Brian replied. "One more and then I want you to eat that." He pointed to the protein bar Melanie had only partially unwrapped.

"I'm not hungry," she stated apologetically.

"Sandra said you need to start eating more," said Brian seriously. "You need to gain at least five pounds by the end of the month." Melanie scrunched up her nose and picked at the protein bar with disinterest. "Do you want something else?" he asked with an amused grin. Melanie shook her head and sighed.

"How come I remember some things, but not the important bits?" she asked, breaking off a piece of the protein bar and putting it in her mouth.

"What things do you remember?" Brian asked curiously.

"Stupid things," she replied. "Like, I know what a hamburger is, but I don't remember ever having one. I know how to write and spell words, but I didn't know my own name."

"I don't think any of us can answer that, sweetheart," Brian replied apologetically. "The brain is a bit complicated and I don't think doctors even fully understand it yet."

Melanie sighed and set the protein bar back on the table. Brian looked at the discarded bar and grinned, realizing he'd had the same trouble trying to get her to eat during their time together in the woods. Realizing he was watching her, she looked at him apologetically.

"I don't like it," she said softly, watching him closely and waiting for him to get cross.

"That's ok," he chuckled. "It's not exactly real food, is it?"

He collected her bar and his wrapper, getting up and tossing them in the rubbish bin under the sink. He glanced down at a pile of brochures and leaflets left next to the phone and he thought for a moment. He grabbed Geri's ball cap from the cupboard and placed it on Melanie's head before pulling her to her feet.

"Follow me," he instructed. "You and I are going to try something."

Melanie quickly put on her coat and followed Brian into the hallway and over to the lift after he had recruited JP to join them.

"Where are we going?" she asked worriedly.

"You'll see," her replied with a grin. He looked at Melanie, observing her apprehension, and he raised one eyebrow. "Do you trust me?"

Melanie bit her lip and looked at Brian before slowly nodding. He held out his hand to her as the lift doors opened and she smiled excitedly as he pulled her into the lobby and arranged to have a car pick them up.

"Are we leaving the hotel?" she asked, thrilled to finally explore somewhere other than concert venues.

"That, we are," Brian replied. "There's gonna be paps and people wanting to talk to you. Are you going to be ok with that?"

Melanie's smile faded slightly, but she nodded and followed as Brian pulled her outside to their car. A few paparazzi noticed them as they got into their car, but were too late to take any photos before they drove away.

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