Author's Note

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Welcome everyone to my new book and first historical fiction! This story means a lot to me because the event told about here is something that I experienced within my own life and has haunted me for a long time as well.

The story will be written in italics when talking about the past as well as when speaking in Russian and regular lettering during the present.

Just a precaution, this book depicts some graphic historical scenes which aren't for the faint of heart or squeamish. So reader discretion is advised.

As I'm in the process of doing my Ph.D., I will update when I can.

I truly hope that you, both my faithful readers and newcomers are prepared for a powerful journey with many twists and turns as well as accounts as they were told by real scientists and those that experienced the event, its immediate aftermath, and the many years that followed.

Please comment, vote, and share this story with everyone you know. G-d bless.

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