Chapter 15

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Demyan Point of View

"There is an important meeting and here we are waiting for Zinnia, for what? A damn play practice." I ranted for the nth time. Egor, who sat on the edge of the dais, smiled casually and shook his head as if I am a fool.

"What?" I scowled at him and his smile is making me more pissed off. Today's meeting is quite important to me and I will be able to find about more details about the friendship between Valdimir and the leader of second largest mafia gang, mine being the first.

Callisto Raul Mancini.

He is known to be the second king of Mafia and is very popular for his stone face and rugged look which, according to the people around them, is very murderous. He is frequently called the 'wise wolf' just like his middle name.

I knew it that one day, when Valdimir realize that he is nowhere powerful like me, he would approach my other rivals for cahoots.

Callisto Mancini wants the title of the Mafia king and Valdimir wants my throne so obviously they would have come to some agreement to fulfill wishes of both sides.

No wonder they are getting close.

I have to make strategies against them and get the guards around tighter. I have a lot of imperative stuff to do yet I had to attend the practice.

"Why is she not here yet? I am thin on my patience." I'm already pissed and mental girl is not helping it at all.

"Give that girl little time. She needs to take care of her appearance to meet her future husband, her current boyfriend, her pink." No, he just did not call me that.

"DON'T YOU – DON'T YOU EVER DARE CALL ME THAT. I'M AM NOT A RAINBOW UNICORN SO STOP BRINGING THAT SENSELESS COLOR TO ME." If it was anyone else other than Egor, then they would've already dead with the look I am giving.

I'm sure my eye color darkened and redness in them is quite demonic.

I wish I forget that horrendous date and its consequences but seems like the nature is against me that it keeps reminding me of it somehow every moment.

Pink... The hell I am.

I heard Egor chuckle and suddenly took a deep breath looking ahead of me. I looked at him looking at something behind with an amused glint.

Alright, what now?!

I immediately turned towards back to see what amused him so much and the result is two beautiful looking women, one of them is quite familiar to me and the other is unknown to me at least. But the way Egor was looking at the other woman with this excited look that gave me creeps.

Zinnia and her friend.

Zinnia's smiling face turned towards me and she right away ran towards me and hugged me.

"I missed you so much." She said and unintentionally I wrapped my hands around her like it was a spontaneous effect. I pressed her close to me, her head came perfectly under my chin and her hair smelled like mixture of mild green tea and something close to rosemary. I took the scent in and felt relaxed.

Wow! Why is having her in my arms feels so good?

'umm, excuse me brother, sorry to disturb your werewolf moment, but since I am your brain I have few designated functions and one of them is to remind you that just minutes ago you were cursing her if I'm not wrong!' My intelligent mind took the opportunity to put forth its opinion.

Well, I feel good with her in my arms and she smell so great that I'm almost got drugged. What do you want me to do then? I am a man after all.

'Umm, brother. No don't look upwards I'm not your mind speaking. This time it's your man from down speaking. Since I too have few designated duties assigned by the nature then let me remind you that I never stood up in attention every second in the company of a lady unlike in the company of my mental girl.' My... uh-um, man from down spoke up which made me shake my head in frustration.

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