Chapter 7

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"So What Do You Think?" Amanda, The Landlord Asked, Smiling, As We Stood Outside Of The Apartment .

"It's Nice, It's Very Nice, But I Don't Know About It Because It Doesn't Have A Washer And Dryer" I Explained .

"Oh I Know, And That's The Main Reason Why A lot Of People End Up Not Moving Here Is Because Of That . It Is Very Nice Though"

"Is It Pretty Quiet Over Here?"

"Yes! Very Quiet"

"That's Good"

"It's Also A Playground Just Around That Building" She Said Pointing .

"And The Pool Is Just Down That Way" She Said, Pointing In A Different Direction .

"Oh Ok"

"Did You Want To Go Look? Or? I Didn't Know If You Wanted To Cause I Know You Said Your Feet Were Hurting Earlier" She Said, Causing Us Both To Let Out A Dry Laugh .

"Oh No, I'm Fine" I Said, Continuing To Let Out A Dry Laugh .

Soon, We Both Begin Walking Around The Apartment Complex's, To See The Playground, And The Pool .

After We Did That, We Talked A Little Bit More . Boy, This Lady's A Talker . Soon, I Had Made My Way To My Car Then Went Off To Look At Some More Apartments .

"Hey Mama, Where You Coming From?" Christa Asked, As I Walked In The Front Door .

"Hey, Hey" I Said, Sitting On The Couch, Across From Her .

"Where You Coming From?" She Asked Again .

"From Looking At Apartments, Nosey Ass" I Said, Chuckling .

"Damn Bitch, You Tryna Leave Already?"

"You Know I Told You This Before I Even Moved Back In, Don't Do That"

"Yeah, But I Didn't Think You Would Be Tryna Leave This Early . Did You Find A Place?"

"Yeah, It Took Me Most Of The Day, But I Found A Place"

"Where At?"

"Out There By The Mall, Cambridge Apartments"

"Oh Bitch, Those Are Nice!"

"I Know, And It's By Everything, So I Won't Have To Go Too Far To Get Anything I Need"

"All I Know Is You Better Keep In Contact, And Come See Me" She Said, As I Let Out A Dry Laugh .

"I Will" I Said, Unsure, While Smirking .

"So When Are You Suppose To Be Moving?"

"Um.. I Don't Know . They Should Call Me In The Next Couple Of Days, Or Week, And Let Me Know If I'm Approved Or Not"

"Aw Ok, Well Just Let Me Know, You Know I Don't Mind Helping"

"I Got You Girl" I Said, As I Slowly Stood Up From The Couch . I Made My Way To The Bedroom .

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