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I stared at the article with my eyebrows furrowed.

But it instantly caught my attention.

Something about it seemed so interesting.

Then I clicked and started reading this.

It has been three weeks since Angela Blaisen went missing. The 17-year-old, who would now be 18 went missing on October 20th. Angela was last seen with her friend, next to Solomon's Grill. The next day, the brother got home to find the parents dead and Angela missing. The police are suspecting it to be a home invasion but a girl is still missing.

Local police officer Drudeau, has said that; "We haven't had any leads yet. It truly seems to be a home invasion and they probably took the girl hostage. There hasn't been any ransom calls. She probably ran away from home after finding the parents dead. But we have our best men working on it and I'm sure it will solve in time. But if it doesn't then we will probably have to close the case."

If you have any information about the missing girl then please contact the police.

I kept my focus trained on the article, disgust lacing inside because of the police officer's words.

She probably ran away? Ran away? Are they dumb? I questioned myself.

Do they have any evidence that she did?

Reasons why she would do that?

I already hated the cop.

I felt bad for the girl because she'd been taken the same night her parents were murdered.

She didn't deserve this.

As I scrolled down, I noticed that there was also a photo of the girl.

And I couldn't help but admire her beauty,

She seemed to be next to a school, smiling at something that was next to her. She didn't even notice that the photo had been taken. Her blonde locks were spiralling in the wind, making her hair messy. She was wearing a light blue tight tank top that showed off her sunkissed skin, her hourglass body figure. Her breasts were pushed up thanks to the tank top, at the bottom she was wearing black jeans that showed off her perfect hips.

Those light blue, upturned eyes sparkled due to the sunlight, eyebrows were light blonde and soft angled. Her lips were just begging to be kissed, they were so rosy and pointy natural. Those adorable freckles were splattered all over her nose and rosy cheeks. Face was heart shaped, that made her cheeks looks a little chubby but in a sweet way.

Her smile, it was the most beautiful thing I'd seen, along with her whole self.

But I couldn't help but notice how she looked so much like Estrela. They had slight differences but still looked so much alike.

Sisters, I thought. But Estrela didn't mention having a sister.

I shook those thoughts away and then set my laptop down next to the bed before stripping down until I was just in my boxers. I pulled the covers over my body and then fell asleep.

But all throughout the night I couldn't help but think about that girl. Angela.

As soon as I woke up in the morning, the first thing I did was take a shower. When I was done with that, I wrapped a towel around my hips tightly and then stepped out.

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