Surprise doesn't even cover it

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I woke up and did my daily routine. Today was Saturday so no school. I needed a break. Everything had been overwhelming this past week. This made me over stressed, which was never good.

In order for me to relieved stress, I resorted to what made me feel better. It was a coping mechanism.

Antonio's POV

I decided to do what Mr. Hardwick suggested and found something that would help Rainbow. I had done some reading in regards to therapy animals. Especially horses.

I knocked on the door and it opened to be greeted by Mr. and Mrs. Hardwick.

"Hi Antonio. Come in," he offered. I stepped inside.

"Is she ready," I asked.

"Yeah, you can go get her if you want," he said to me.

"It's the second door on your left," her mom directed me as I went up the stairs.

I found the door and opened it to get a surprised of my own. There was Rainbow pleasuring herself and moaning. What the hell?

I quickly closed the door and ran downstairs. Her parents looked at me bewildered.

"Antonio? You okay? You look like you just saw a ghost," her mom said to me.

"Well, uh, you see, I opened her door and well, uh," I stammered.

"Did you knock first," her mom asked me.

"No. Was I suppose to," I asked her.

"Christ," her dad sighed as he facepalmed himself.

"Does she do that a lot," I asked them.

"Only when she's stressed. It hasn't been as frequent," he sighed.

"Only when she's majorly stressed," he told me.  "And this week has been completely out of whack with her.  We don't make a big deal about it. When her door is closed we know and leave her be. When it's open which is majority of time we know she isn't doing that," he explained.

"The thing is Rain doesn't understand the sexual nature of it. She only knows it makes her feel good.  We had to work with her to do things more socially acceptable. So we would appreciate if you didn't say anything," her mom advised me.

"I see," I said not knowing what to say.  I mean it's a bit hard to walk in on a female giving her pleasure without not getting turned on.  Being a teenage guy and all.  I really needed to stop thinking inappropriately with her.

A few minutes later Rainbow came down and looked at us funny.

"What's he doing here," she asked looking none too happy that I was in their living room.

"Rain, Antonio is here to take you somewhere," her dad answered.


"I wanted to take you to a place that has horses. Your dad suggested it," I said to her.

She looked at them as he nodded and said, "okay."  No arguing. No fighting. No meltdown.  Just a simple okay.

She put her jacket on and opened the door, walking outside.  I stood there as I heard the car horn beep.

"Yeah we might have forgotten to tell you Rain is a bit impatient," her dad said.  Now they tell me.

I left and went out to the car. I got inside and she was already buckled in and waiting.

"You're slow."


"You move like a snail. Which makes you slow. I thought people that play sports are suppose to be fast. You took forever to come out here," she said directly at me. Note to self don't be slow.

"Sorry. I'll try to be faster the next time," I said starting the car.  I pulled out of the driveway and drove to the place with therapy horses.  This should be an interesting day.

The car ride to the place Antonio was taking me to was pleasant. It wasn't too hot or too cold. The music wasn't obnoxious.

We pulled into a parking lot and got out of the car. I followed Antonio as we walked into stables. We were met by a woman.

"Are you Mrs. Abernathy," he asked.

"You're Antonio and this must be Rainbow. Colton told me to expect you," she smiled at us so I smiled back. I had to watch people's expressions to understand the cues.

She led us to a horse and I stared at it.

"I know it's not a My Little Pony but this is Rainbow Dash," she said with a smile. A smile formed on my lips. She led us to each horse, "this is Twilight Sparkle, Pinky Pie, Rarity, Apple Jack and Fluttershy. We named them after My Little Pony because we found children with form of Autism relate better to them," she explained.

She looked at me, "Rainbow, these are therapy horses. They won't hurt you. They are here to help. You can go to any of them and they're gentle," she suggested.

"Can I pet one?"

"You can pet any one you want," she said kindly. I liked her. She was nice. I walked over to Pinky Pie and she lowered her head as I ran my hand over her head. She nudged me and I giggled as I stroke her mane.

Next I went to Rainbow Dash and she did the same. With each horse, they lowered their heads and I started to cry.

Antonio walked over to me, "Rainbow? You okay?"

"It's like having real life My Little Pony. This makes me really happy," I wiped my eyes. He smiled as I went back to the horses.

He walked over to the woman, "what's the deal with therapy animals and people with autism?"

"There has been a lot of research done with therapy animals and people with autism. They found it calms them from being anxious. They're gentle and kind, which people tend not to be. They don't judge. Don't call names. They offer unconditional love which people with autism and other issues sorely need. Animals can sense emotions deeper than people do and someone with autism can't always express themselves," she explained to him.

"There's just so much I'm learning about autism," he sighed.

"Well imagine how it is with someone with autism. They're learning every day. They work harder than majority of people. The simplest tasks are harder and when they are able to do them it's a celebration. They refer to it as milestones. Things that people take for granted are an accomplishment for someone with autism," she told him.

He turned and watched me with the horses. I was talking to them just like I would if they were a person. They shook their heads as I laughed.

Mrs. Abernathy looked at Antonio, "if you want to understand Rainbow, enter her world. Don't force her into yours," she advised him.

He nodded as he walked over to me. I turned to him, "aren't they great?"

"They're amazing," he smiled. I smiled back.

We talked to them together. I looked at the horses and said, "everyone this is Antonio, my friend. Antonio this my new friends."

I showed him how they liked to be petted and what not to do. He seemed to understand. This was a relief. He followed instructions which was good. I think him and I could be friends now. I think he finally understands. Took him long enough.

Therapy animals have proven to be a huge impact on people with emotional issues and autism. They offer comfort and a calming influence with them.

My daughter has had to learn a lot about animals and taught how to treat them. She was even taken around horses and did really well with them. Trust me, they help.

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