Chapter Thirty-Four: The rubbish pit.

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Chapter Thirty-Four: The Rubbish Pit.

Wednesday, last class

THEY both weren't listening to their teacher as they sat in the back of the classroom.

George was focused on the girl beside him. She was covering her mouth, trying to stifle a laugh that was trying to escape her lips.

Lydia glared at him, this was all his fault. He was making her giddy with the jokes and stories he was telling her.

"Miss Jackson, would you like to share what is so funny with the class?" Mr Sanders asked her, making her cheeks turn bright red with embarrassment.

George grumbled under his breath, cursing the old man for ruining their fun. Sure, they both should've been listening to his teachings but it could've made it a little more fun.

"I told her about the time my car broke down at the pit. It's a pretty funny story," he said, leaning back on his chair.

Lydia heard a boy from the football team yell, "Heck! That story is hilarious." Sighing softly, she was relieved that the classes attention was off her and on the story.

The hilarious story, she thought as George began to tell the class about his jeep breaking down.

George smiled at the fond memories of the last time the guys and he visited the pit, or rubbish pit as they called it.

It was a deep pond Chris and him discovered when his jeep broke down that day. People knew about the rubbish pit, as rumours flew around the school of that place.

Though only a select few have been there. George was a regular at the pit and hoped that one day Lydia would be a regular with him.


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