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Leviathan2's pov (canasist)

"Release them, but keep that one for me" I said to leviathan

"Yes master" he answered

Am not much of a talker, am much of a doer of actions.

Holland's pov

He told leviathan to let me, daryl and my mom go but he's keep Christian hostage, I can't do anything, am tired, dizzy and scared.

My mom is so sick right now.

"Get out of here or am gonna drag you out" Leviathan cussed at us.

Leventus grunts as he was getting up after being flung on a tree.

I still don't get why that handsome boy, I mean man could be evil, seriously lord don't turn the hot ones against us.

I got up still shaking in my boots, I dragged my mom and hanged her hand on my shoulder.

And we started walking slowly

"Daryl,sweetie please let's go" I said,

Daryl raised his head up and his red eyes started flashing at me

Oh no baby boy Is angry, again,

"Daryl please let's go and don't do anything stupid, we have the chance to move now" I whispered

Instead he growled, daryl got up and started snarling, he shifted and jumped on leventus, leventus shifted into a giant man sized wolf and then am thinking they won't kill each other he will kill him.

"Daryl!!!!" I yelled

Christian got up and shook his head, he shifted slowly while wincing and he jumped on leviathan

Record this my friend, this is called clash of wolves not titans
I placed my mom back on the ground gently.

Leventus used his claw to scratch daryl  on the chest and he fell, the injury bringing out smoke.

Leventus walked to daryl and I blocked him

"If you wanna go to him you have to get through  me first" I clenched my fists

I am not sure of what am doing but I know it's stupid

Leventus dragged me and threw me on the tree and my bone shifted

That's it's

My eye turned white and I shifted into a white wolf, I snarled and jumped on leventus, scratching his face multiple times.

"Enoughhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" Canasist yelled and the ground shook, everybody loosing balance and falling.

"You just have an angry canasist" he shifted into a wolf but not really wolf exactly, this wolf is twice huge and strong and has red eye with pure evil flashing out from it.

He dragged Christian liked a cub and threw him on a three which had three spikes.

He took daryl and dugged four of his claws into his stomach causing daryl to yell in pain.

He looked at me and turned facing the twins.

"You two are useless and immature especially you" he pointed to leventus and walked to him and twisted his neck, breaking every bone in it and dropping him on the ground leaving him lifeless.

"Follow me" he said to leviathan and they left leaving everybody injures

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