Chapter 6

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"You Sure You Gone Be Able To Dance?" Christa Asked, As We Continued Getting Ready .

"Yeah" I Said, Dryly . She Quickly Put The Flat Iron Down, Turning Towards Me, Staring Me Down .

"What?" I Asked . I Continued Looking Forward In The Mirror, As I Curled My Hair .

"What's Wrong With You? You Been Acting Funny These Past Couple Of Days" She Said .


"If Nothing's Wrong With You Then Why You Ain't Been Giving Me Nothing But These Dry Ass Responses? You Barely Even Been Talking To Me"

"Nothing's Wrong, A lot Has Just Been Going Through My Mind"

"Like What?" She Asked, Causing Me To Sigh .

"I Don't Wanna Talk About It"


"Cause I Just Don't Christa . Can You Just Get Off Of My Back?" I Snapped, Barely Raising My Voice .

"Get Off Of Your Back? I Been The One Who's Been Helping You With All Of The Shit That You Been Going Through These Past Few Weeks, And You Can't Even Tell Me What The Fuck Is Wrong With You?"

"All I Said Was I Don't Wanna Talk About It, What Are You Catching An Attitude For?"

"You Know What, Forget It . It's Almost Our Turn To Go Up Anyway" She Said, As She Walked Out Of The Bathroom .

As Soon As I Made My Way Upon The Stage, Cognac Queen By Megan Thee Stallion Came On .

"I'm In My Yac
I Wanna Dance
I'm On That Yac
I Wanna Dance
Come Get Yo Man
Before I Put Him In A Trance.." I Sung, As I Slowly Walked Around The Pole, Dropping Down Low .

Once That Song Was Over, I Picked Up The Dollars That Were Thrown At Me, And Made My Way Over To The Bar . And No, I'm Not Getting Anything To Drink, I'm Just Sitting .

"Miss? How You Doing?" Some Guy Asked, Walking Up .

"I'm Good, And You?" I Asked .

"Good Now, After I Saw Your Little Dance" He Said, Causing Me To Give Him A Face .

"My Little Dance?" I Asked, Causing Him To Chuckle .

"Oh No, I Didn't Mean It Like That" He Said, Putting His Hands Up In Surrender .

"Yeah Ok" I Mumbled .

"So What's Your Name?" He Asked, Taking A Seat Beside Me .

"What's Your Name?" I Asked, Turning Towards Him, And Looking Him In His Face .

"I Asked You First"

"Well I Want You To Give Me Yours First" I Smirked .


"Reese.. That's A Cute Name" I Said, Causing Him To Smile .

"Now What's Yours Ma?" He Asked, Causing Me To Get A Little Bit Of Butterflies In My Stomach .

That "Ma" Word Just Does Something To Me .


"Beautiful, Just Like You" He Said, Looking Me Up And Down, As He Licked, Then Bit The Bottom Of His Lip .

He Better Stop Before He Ends Up In Something Wet .

"Well Thank You, And Your Name Is Cute, Just Like You" I Said, Causing Us Both To Let Out A Dry Laugh .

"I Like You . So How Long You Been Dancing? You Work At Any Clubs?" He Asked .

"Only For A Few Months, And No, I Thought About It But I Haven't Really Had The Time To Look Into Any Clubs"

"Aw Ok, Well Obviously You Know That I Was Checking You Out, But I Was Wondering If You Would Like To Work With Me"

"Work With You? What Type Of Work?" I Asked, Raising My Eyebrows .

"Well I'm A Bodyguard At My Uncles Strip Club, Angels"

"Oh So Your Uncle Owns Angels?"


"So What? You Want Me To Apply For The Bodyguard Position Or Something?" I Asked, Giving Him A Face, Causing Him To Chuckle .

"Nah.. See I'ma Bodyguard, But I Only Do Part Time-"

"Why Is That?" I Asked, Cutting Him Off .

"I Have A Second Job, But After I Get Off I Go Back To The Strip Club Which Really Isn't No Point Because Someone Else Takes My Spot, So I Was Wondering If You Would Like To Work At The Club At That Time Instead Of Dancing At House To House, Not That Anything's Wrong With It" He Explained . I Gave Him A Look, As If I Didn't Understand A Word He Said .

"So After I Get Off Of My Second Job, And Come Back To The Strip Club That's When You Will Start Dancing, Making Your Money, You Know? And That Whole Night I'll Watch Over You . So Basically I'll Be Your Personal Bodyguard, But The Money That You Make You'll Have To Give Me Half"

"Oh Ok, Ok I Understand"

"So That's The Only Thing I Would Have To Do? Nothing More?" I Asked .

"Nothing More" He Confirmed .

"Now You Don't Have To Do It If You Don't Want To, I'm Not Forcing You, Nor Do You Have To Give Me An Answer Today . I Can Give You My Number, And Let You Think About It"

"Yeah, I Think I'ma Need Some Time To Think About It" I Said, Scratching My Head .

"Ok, That's Fine"

Soon After That, We Exchanged Numbers .

Maliyah's Been Wanting To Work At A Strip Club . Do You Think This Will Be Good For Her, Or No? Why?

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