XiLong • Peculiar Siblings

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Genre: Fluff (slight angst)

AU: none

Word count: 927

∨ξηjογ τhε sτοrγ😘∨


[Y/N's p.o.v]

I sat up on my bed as I scanned the room, I held my head and puffed out my bottom lip. I looked at the bed beside me to see my adopted brother, XiLong sleeping peacefully. I looked at the time and sighed, I got off my bed only to go XiLong's bed and shake his shoulder. "Yaaa, Y/N let me sleep, we don't have training today-" I huffed and patted his arm again.

"I know that, but we still have to get up." I smiled as I moved to the foot of his bed and began tugging on his blanket, giggling softly as XiLong began to fight back and pull the blanket back over his head. "Aish, okay~"

XiLong sat up and looked at me "Yes sis?" He asked. I skipped to the side of his bed and ruffled his hair and walked over to my bed, making it look neat and not messy "Get ready XiXi also, GOODMORNING!!!" I hummed and walked over to the bathroom.

I turned on the warm shower and jogged to get my clothes. I stared at the choices but grabbed a maroon pull-over, black leggings, and my maroon vans. Out of the thirteen years I've lived I still can't believe that my mom adopted XiLong just to favor him if he becomes more successful than me. I thought as I entered the bathroom, but its not like I hate him, I actually REALLY like him.

I finished the shower a few minuets later and put my clothes on. I peaked my head out of the bathroom and looked around. Where's XiLong? I thought and looked around the room, I soon gave up and crossed my arms over my chest. I soon felt a cold presence send shivers down my spine, I felt cold yet warm arms wrap around my waist.

I growled and looked over my shoulder, seeing XiLong's beautiful face. I giggled and booped his nose 'Cutie' I mouthed and placed my hands on his. I looked him in the eyes but he wasn't staring back, his gaze was lower. My body got still when he slightly moved his head closer to mine, My gaze adverted from his eyes to his pretty pink lips.

My eyelids closed but shot open when my mom knocked on our door. We both parted from each other with our faces dusted with a light shade of red. I jogged over to our room door and opened it.

(bold, Italic is Chinese)

"Yes mother?" I spoke with my head down. She lifted me chin up, forcing me to look at her. I put on a strained smile and she scowled at me, she pushed my face away harshly, causing me to stumble. My mom then pushed me to the side and smiled brightly while she walked over to XiLong. I rubbed my face as tears threatened to escape my eyes, She took hold of his hand and drag him away. XiLong looked at me and mouthed the words 'SORRY'.

I just shook off the pain/anger in my heart and replacing it with sadness. I stood up and closed my door, dragging myself to my bed. I hid under the covers and held onto my bear.

I cried my eyes out and nearly suffocated myself, until I heard my room door open and the blanket get taken off of me. I look behind me to see my dad. "Sweetie? Are you okay, what's wrong?" he said as he helped me sit up. I can't tell him why I'm sad, I just can't. I looked down and sighed "Why does mommy love XiLong more than her real child?" I looked up at him and wiped my tears.

He hugged me and rubbed my back. "Don't think to hard about your mom at least you have someone who REAAAALLY cares about his beautiful cherry blossom~" I smiled at his words as he pulled me closer into a warm, loving embrace.

He then left me to calm down, I just sat on my bed and played video games, soon I heard the front door open. XiLong ran into the room and waved at me, I waved back and grumbled in frustration when I lost. XiLong giggled and grabbed the other controller and we began playing C.O.D. I stood on my knees on the bed and laughed when XiLong lost and I won.

I stuck my tongue out at him and he crossed his arms and huffed. I smiled and jumped on his bed. "Come on, It's okay I'll repay you, what ever you want, okie!~" I chuckled and playfully punched his shoulder and he blushed. "I only want one thing..." I nodded and sat still. "A kiss-" I froze, my heart began to beat faster as I felt blood rush to my cheeks.

He looked down and sighed "Nevermind, I'll just think of something el-" and right when he was about to get off the bed, I suddenly got the courage and grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him into a sweet yet, passionate kiss. XiLong kissed back and held onto my waist falling back, dragging me with him. After a few seconds we pulled away, I looked at him, his face red from embarrassment. I giggled and he hid his face squealing softly.

I hugged him and smiled "Cutie, lets just keep this between us, okay~" He nodded and pecked my lips

"Just between us~"

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