Zeyu • Remember Me

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Genre: angst (I tried)

Bestfriend au

Word count:2413

ξηjογ τhε sτοrγ😘∨∨


「Y/N's p.o.v」

I laid in the wide garden of my deceased mom and dad's mansion, I lifted my hand and blocked the bright ball of gas from blinding me. As my hand was in the air I turned my hand to look at my wrist. The grey swan still black and white, and has been that way for 12 years. I sigh as I get up and enter the lonely mansion.

"Hello Mistress!~" The maids and butlers say as I walk in from the front door. I just ignore them and walk up to me room, slamming the door and throwing myself on my bed. It was only 6:30, precisely an hour and 15 minutes till school.

I stayed laying on my stomach, slightly suffocating myself, but I didn't care. I want to leave this world more than ever, that is my only wish. I groan as I laid on my back and look around my room. So lonely, no pictures, no drawings, no nothing, PLAIN. I sigh once more as I walk towards my balcony, opening the screen and climbing over the edge, my heels are the only thing touching the small exposed floor of the balcony.

As I get ready to jump off the 3rd story, my name was being yelled. "Mistress 「Y/N」 what are you doing!!!!" I close my eyes as I just stand there, my butler soon bringing me to safety. "What were you thinking, how would you think your mom would feel!" He scolded me as he waited for an answer, and I simply replied with.

"Mother will be furious, but at least she'll be happy that I'm finally with her and father, then we can be a family again-" my face staying emotionless as I walk to my bed and hide under the covers.

My butler only sighs as he pets my head and exits the room. I wait for a good 20 minutes before kicking the covers off and going to lock my door. I hum as I open a small door in my room and walk down its quiet stairway. I open the next normal size door and enter a room that lets me express my feelings through my voice.

My recording studio. I go up to the controls and search for the song, I smile softly as I click my chosen song and enter the soundproof room, adjusting the mic to my level. I start the song and began singing "Piece Of Peace" by J-Hope.

I sighed as I was about to press the next button but it was already showing me what was next. I stiffen as my chest began to hurt, my heart ready to explode, but I took a deep breath and pulled the mic closer. And began singing. "Take the dive~" I sang yet, I poured my heart into this song, though my throat was hurting and tears threaten to exit my eyes. I pushed myself to keep going, a few minuets past of me sobbing in the medium soundproof box, I finally took a deep breath and wiped my tears, exiting the recording room and into my own room.

I opened my closet and pulled on my school uniform, going to my bathroom to apply makeup around my tired eyes. I tied my hair up half way and stared at the mirror, I shrugged and put a red tint on my pale lips, grabbing my bag, phone, and reading glasses, going to the car. I listened to music the whole car ride and didn't even say goodbye to the escort. I look around then my gaze fixed on my wrist.

My fingers tracing the drawing, but my moment was ruined by some girls who pushed me and began laughing. "Look girls HER drawing is still plain, guess she's going to stay lonely for the rest of her life!" they all laughed at the end and I just restrained the facet in my eyes from turning on as I just walked away from them.

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