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Both paced fast to get to their textile designing class. To be honest Taehyung lacked at that part and he was certainly getting nervous because of Tae He being in the same class as him. He would take being behind her as a big insult. He needed to excel no matter what.

Both had reached the class way too early as no one had come. They are always too eager to bring each other down forgetting their own aims and goals, it might be because bringing the other down was now a goal.

Tae He and Taehyung sat on opposite sides of the same row and suddenly an awkward silence took over them. Tae He pretended to clear her throat only for Taehyung to snap his head to her direction and snap back his attention to the blank whiteboard.

Tae He stuffed her hands in the pockets of her jeans to take out her phone and read something.

Taehyung watched her in disbelief when he understood what she was doing.

"You really read wattpad?" With an amused look, he said.

"Yeah, so what..." she squinted her eyes to know what his problem was.

"You really read that crappy shit."

"It's not crap okay, piss off."

"Well, it is... you should read the classics you know in which every feeling is described so precisely."

"I don't give a damn about what you say Kim Taehyung." Not even looking at him she replied.

Slowly time went by and the class started to fill up with students chatting at the top of their voices and then the professor too eventually came.

She gave Tae He and Taehyung a stare and smiled afterwards definitely looking forward to this semester.

"Well, I see we have two rivals in our class. I am excited, to be honest." The professor said with a huge smile.

Tae He and Taehyung both had the same strategy of having a look that is exclusive and unique but the way they executed it was different. Taehyung would go all out buying expensive cloth and seversky crystals whereas TaeHe would go find something that would be in the range of a normal person.

"Frankly speaking I have always wanted to have two rivals together in a group and moreover two people who have a totally different perception of fashion."

Taehyung and Tae He had their eyes narrowed, eyebrows frowned anticipating or more like worried to what the professor had next to say.

"I want you two to be in one group...oh this gonna be exciting " There was yet again a huge smile on her face being happy in others misery.

Looked like they had to be stranded together for a long time. These people who can not resist each other's presence for more than five minutes now had to be in a group together.

Feeling of utter rage against each other and the teacher both of them glared at each other.

They knew that they had to cooperate and their mind told them so but their hearts were in a great mess, their personal rivalry was coming in their way of great grades and that was something they valued a lot.

Whatsoever they had to stick by each other whether they like it or not and the whole university was ready to see the drama that was going to air soon.


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