1.0 | uno and warnings

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"no big bro please no i love you," gayoung begged.

taeil sighed and looked away, "i'm sorry but i have to."

gayoung gasped, "please taeil i'm begging you, after all we've been together?"

"i'm sorry," taeil slowly placed down a +4 card. "uno."

"y'all are so dramatic damn just end the game already," junhui sighed, sipping onto his coffee. "by the way we're running out of ice cream and toothpaste. gayoung would you mind buying some?"

"no i'm already comfortable," gayoung denied as she packed away the uno cards and playing with her new pet cat.

yeah, remember that notification? yesterday she arrived home to everyone crowding around a small basket that was occupied with soft blankets and an adorable cat.

everyone was puzzled at first but since it was at their doorstep, they decided to keep it and name the cat 'moon suri.'

"i'll give you money," junhui quickly added, gaining gayoung's full interest and attention. "buy whatever you want with it."

"okay," gayoung slipped on a jacket and her sneakers right away.

junhui shook his head as he gave money to his cousin, "you'd do anything for money huh, i'm honestly not suprised anymore.. thot."

"whatever ya twat," gayoung went off to the nearest convenience store.

for the whole entire trip she couldn't stop thinking about the notification from yesterday.

"well... i could just delete the app," gayoung fished her phone out, face palming herself. "how stupid can i get? why couldn't i think of this in the first place?"

gayoung patted herself on the back for being smart for once and brought her finger across the phone screen to delete the app.

but the app wouldn't let her.

"what the hell?" gayoung tried everything she could think of: restarting her phone, letting her phone cool down etc. she checked the app store and searched up the app but nothing came up.

"eh whatever i just want some food," gayoung shrugged it off and entered the convenience store and greeted the staff without sparing them a single glance.

when we finished grabbing whatever she needed, she happily went off to the snack aisle. she threw in some fish sticks into the basket as well as a carton of strawberry milk.

she went off to the counter to pay and once she made eye contact with the worker, she froze, "p-park.. park minho?"


"i'm sorry."

the two sat down at a table. there weren't any costumers in the store and minho wanted to talk with gayoung, which she didn't refuse after seeing how serious the boy was.

gayoung was taken back, even though she did not want to believe it, but the apology was sincere. she stayed quiet, i should at least let him explain right?

gayoung, not sure of what to say next, stayed quiet.

minho sighed and fiddled with his thumbs, "i'm sorry for what i did to you and.. i just, didn't know what the hell got into me. i was having a hard time after the breakup but it was still my fault that i treated you wrongly after all we've been through."

he continued, "i hope we could still get back to being good friends, if that's okay with you— i mean, we don't have to if you don't want to! i don't want to make you uncomfortable."

"one, i forgive you," gayoung smiled bitterly. "two, i'm okay with going back to friends. but three, i can tell something is bothering you so spill the tea already. four, what's with all those cuts and bruises?"

minho chuckled, "impatient as always huh?"

minho took a deep breath before continuing with an intense gaze on her. gayoung gulped, she knew this look. she felt uneasy, she could tell that whatever was bothering him was not a matter to be taken lightly.

"hey i demand an explanation park minho," gayoung said, trying to sound tough. but all the worry had made her voice weaker. she checked her phone, "i don't have much time so if we don't get to finish we can meet up someday."

minho broke off the eye contact and stared at the table, "just... be careful of jaemin and renjun. don't worry about these cuts and bruises, i deserved it."

gayoung frowned, the boy sitting in front of her had been friends since elementary school and was suffering behind her back, "how can i not worry?"

"just go, taeil might be getting worried that you're out for long," minho said, noticing the miss calls on her phone screen.

"oh right," gayoung stood up and minho escorted her to the door. she turned around with a worried frown and bidded goodbye.

"gayoung wait," minho called out to her before she could leave. as she turned around, minho gulped nervously, "renjun and jaemin... i cannot tell who, but please don't fall into their trap. be careful when you hang around me too, just.. be safe."

gayoung smiled, "thanks, you too. i'll see you later?"

minho nodded with a faint smile, "if you need help just go to the zombie clan, they know what's going on and they want to apologise too."

"okay," gayoung left the convenience store and took a deep breath.

for the whole entire walk home, she could stop thinking of one thing.

he looked so terrified when he mentioned jaemin and renjun, did he get those cuts and bruises from one of them?

then... does that mean one of them is behind revenge note?

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