A day with Asia

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I woke up the next morning, I checked what Asia was doing.She was still asleep, so I went to the kitchen to do something for breakfast.When the scrambled eggs were ready, I noticed that Asia left my room.I smiled at her and said:

F/N: Good morning, did you sleep well?

Asia:Yes, thank you...

She looks around nervously around the room.

F/N: You do not have to be scared, we're in my apartment.

I put two plates of scrambled eggs on the table and signaled to Asia that she sat down and ate with me.

Asia: Thank you, but I should probably go...

F/N: Don't talk nonsense, considering what happened yesterday, I can not leave you alone.

She smiled.

Asia:Thank you, but in that case ... I should ... I do not know if I should ask for it, but can I use your shower?

F/N: Of course, i'll give you some clothes to change.

I showed her where the bathroom is and went to get some change clothes.Well, I did not have clothes that would suit her perfectly, so I took for her some pants and a t-shirt which were too small for me, and went back to Asia.I knocked

F/N:Asia, I have some clothes for a change.

Asia:Thank you, come in, please.

So I went in and put clothes next to the shower. I also took her dress and threw it in the washing machine so that she would not have to walk too long in too big clothes. After a few minutes she left the bathroom, wearing my shirt with the spider-man logo. It was clearly too big for her. But she looked beautiful in it.

She sat down at the table with me and we ate breakfast.She looked at the clock on my wall and said:

Asia:What?! Already 8:30? You have to go to school right?

F/N: No, I don't have to today.Today I will be with you all day.


She asked, her face blushed.

F/N: Yes, I took your dress to wash,when it dries, we can go out to the city to play.

She smiled and thanked me.In the meantime, she told me her story.She does not know her parents, when she was born she was taken in by a local church.When she met a dying puppy, she prayed that he would regain his health.Then she discovered her power to heal others. People from various corners of the world came to be healed by her magical powers.However, one night she found a wounded devil, she helped him.However, people discovered it, they started calling she a witch, she was expelled from the church.She was taken by fallen angels,and now she is here...

F/N:That girl in the church.She was saying something about some ritual.Do you know what she meant?

Asia: No... she just said they need me.

I heard that the washing machine ended its work.

F/N:Your clothes are ready to be put on, maybe we'll go?

She nodded and we went for her things.She dressed and we went towards the center. We went to the games room, we played a few hours in various games.When we passed the machines with plush toys, Asia stopped at one of them.Inside the machine were mascots of yellow and black mice.

F/N:Do you like it?

Asia: Ehh? Emm... Yeah...

I smiled, threw the coin into the machine and tried to get a mascot.The second time I managed to get it.I picked up the mascot and turned to Asia and handed it to her.

F/N: Here you are, it's for you.

Asia: Thank you F/N!

She took the mascot and hugged her tight.

Asia: It will be my most precious treasure...

We left the games room...

Raynare: Well, what a meeting...

She was standing on the roof of the building, it was that fallen angel with whom Issei meet and which I saw in the church.She jumped off the roof.

Raynare: So here you are Asia...

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