Chapter 107: Evolution of Rose Cruce Order

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Days passed. One evening, a representative of the new Zodiac Council department visited the Rose Cruce Order and demanded to see Magister Edmund Jaeger.

"Huh? What's the issue?" Goldmund furrowed his brows once received this guest with such a request at his reception desk in the hall. Erisa, standing beside him, also curiously and surprisedly eyed him.

"Nothing's the issue, Lord Goldmund," the man smiled, "It is just that the Zodiac Council has sent me here with an offer, and it should be discussed with the Magister in person".

"Ah, alright..." Goldmund shrugged and rang an electronic bell that was attached to the wall near the counter so that only the receptionists (thus Erisa and Goldmund) could reach it. Soon after he rang it, hasty steps came downstairs and Edmund appeared in the hall, walking towards them at a fast speed and with a surprised and curious face:

"What's wrong?"

"A representative of the Zodiac Palace came here by the Zodiac Council's orders. It seems they have a special offer and they needed you," Goldmund explained.

"Oh..." Edmund shook the hand the guest had stretched out to him.

After a warm introduction, the representative smilingly began:

"Magister Edmund, the Zodiac Council has acknowledged your, and your order's, efforts in uncovering the crimes inside the previous Zodiac Council, and in helping us apprehend the criminals. We further acknowledge your efforts in reclaiming the stolen powers of Sun Dragon Ketsuryuu and thus reestablishing the balance of the zodiac circle that runs our world. We also considered the fact that your order is home to both Dragon Kings now, as well as all the twelve Celestial Lords, and thus, is rendered the most powerful order in the whole Zariel realm. Because of all this, the Zodiac Council has come to a common agreement to give you the allowance to move your Order Headquarters in the Zodiac Palace and operate as the new Royal Order (the institution which hasn't been set in motion for years due to the lack of suitable candidates) - thus receiving the most difficult, prestigious, and highly rewarding missions throughout the whole realm.

"You as the Order Magister will be appointed its representative in the Zodiac Council, thus the seventh member of the Council (we only had seventh members when Royal Orders existed and operated). 

"We sincerely hope you will accept to collaborate with us," he finished.

At first, all the three - Edmund, Goldmund, and Erisa - had their mouths wide open at such a gracious offer given by the Council which they would never imagine receiving - a Royal Order?! Such an honor - the magisters of Royal Orders were sometimes even called Zodiac Kings! However, once the first wave of stupefaction and shock passed, Edmund firmly adjusted his glasses as if a serious man and uttered in a strict and prideful tone:

"I am truly grateful to you and the Zodiac Council for giving us such an offer. Even though we, Rose Cruce Order, are a family full of loyal members, and we do not seek fame and money, but instead do what we can, and take missions we can, only to help those in need, as well as support each other in difficult times, we still consider all the circumstances you've mentioned and we are delighted to humbly accept your gracious proposal". 

Hearing a positive answer, the guest's eyes brightened and he firmly shook Edmund's hand with both of his palms:

"Thank you, Magister Edmund! It is a great pleasure for us to start our cooperation with you!"

Thus, he was warmly received, treated as a welcomed guest, and then seen off as he returned back to the Peak of Placidus where he had come from. Once he left, taking the signed treaty with him (attested by Magister Edmund's and his two advisors' - Lord Goldmund's and Lord Nick's - signatures), Goldmund chucklingly turned to Edmund and raised an eyebrow:

"You talked to him as if you were a saint, 'we do not seek fame and money'! What a trickster!"

"Ugh, come on! That is the way to handle business!" Edmund proudly adjusted his glasses and then looked at Nick who was just faintly smiling, "Tell him, Nick!"

Nick chuckled:

"You're right".

All of the three boys laughed.

The Order soon received their Royal Order Certificate and officially moved to the Zodiac Palace as their new headquarters. All of the members were flown unto seventh heaven with happiness - to live in the palace! Such a luxury and glamour, and no more tiny rooms of the basement - instead, they'd have high-class comfort, all of them, disregarding their ranks!

The Order administration itself underwent great changes because, as it became a Royal Order, it grew quite famous and many new people busted in to apply for the membership. Thus a solid hierarchy was formed - the Magister, his advisors who were referred to as 'Elders' (Goldmund and Nick), Elite Grandmasters (all of the Celestial Lords, and with them the two other strongest members of the Order - Tim Wingfield and Kokuyo von Drachen), Grandmasters (people of Rank Seven and Rank Eight of their respective Classes), and casual members. From then on, Elite Grandmasters were only deployed on specific missions assigned to the Order by the Zodiac Council (of course, they could take other missions by their will, but these special missions of the Zodiac Council were only done by them). 

The rooms were displayed accordingly - on the first floor there was the Order Hall as before, as well as the dormitories of casual members; on the second floor there were the chambers of Grandmasters as before; on the third floor resided the Elite Grandmasters; on the fourth floor lived the Magister and his advisors; on the fifth floor was the room of the Order Council which was conducted by the Magister on special occasions when they needed to devise new strategies and plans; on the sixth, and the final floor, was the biggest library of the whole Zariel realm – the well-known Zariel archives. 

Thus, the life of Rose Cruce Order changed for the better - from a casual order of Rosenweld, it became the only Royal Order of the whole Zariel realm - the home of the most powerful Zodiac Masters the world ever knew...

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