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-Chapter 40

Mended Wounds | Final Chapter

Lisa's Point of View:

After I listened to Taehyung's confession, I found myself crying to bed and it has went on for days. The girls have been visiting me every single day after that incident, telling me to call him.

I'm the one who pushed him away yet I'm also the one who's wanting him back.

Such a hypocrite.

Love's pathetic. Actually, I am pathetic.

I didn't know what to do. Should I call him?

"What if he already moved on and got together with someone else?" I asked myself and the girls looked at me as if I'm some kind of alien.

"Are you serious, Lisa? Move on? I doubt it. Only disloyal and unfaithful people can do that with no problems. You and Jungkook had been together for YEARS without even looking at someone else, do you really think all those things you've been through with him are nothing to the guy?" Rosé gave me the "you - are - ridiculous" look.

"Take it this way, it's hard to move on in such a small span of time Lisa, you of all people should know that. You still mean alot to him and that's a thing I can guarantee." Jisoo spoke sincerely and Rosé along with Chaeyoung nodded.

Did I mention Chaeyoung joins us in our conversations? She also seemed to get along well with my unnies and she was also happy about sharing a name with someone she knew.

Anyways, I had to distract myself so whoops.

The decision of talking to him was never an easy choice for me as the topic of his being with another girl always pops up in my anxious and delusional mind.

"Besides, Jimin told me that he just stays in his room playing something or whatsoever." Rosé tells me and that clicks the button.

Maybe I should call him afterall, I mean, his eyes might be really tired after looking at that monitor for so long. I wouldn't want to have him damage his eyes that he had carefully preserved for the twenty four years of his lifetime?

"Do you care about him in general or are you going to talk about taking care of his eyes all day long?" Sweet Lisa asks me with crossed arms and Salty Lisa did the same.

"Fine." I spoke and their eyes glimmered in hope. This is my final decision.

I grabbed my phone and dialed the number but when I heard the sound of the opening my head automatically looked up only to see...


nah, just kidding

Jennie is holding some plastic bags that contained some stuff she bought from the nearby convenience store. "So did you get to buy my ice cream?"

"My cup of noodles?"

"My bag of chips?"

"Guys!" I shushed them as I saw the call ongoing. I distanced my phone from the group to avoid having Jungkook hear about out unnecessary sayings. They immediately turned silent and got out their things carefully from the bag trying not to create any noise.

"Hello?" A man's voice entered my ears and my internal systems stopped functioning.

The voice that I haven't heard in twelve months...

Jeon Jungkook's voice.

My heart started beating out of place as I heard his voice and there, I spaced out.

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