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-Chapter 38


Lisa's Point of View:

It's the weekend and Jennie decided to invite me over for a sleepover. At first, I was like "sleepovers are for kids" but because of her determination into persuading me it led me to the point that she'll never stop begging me.

"Because apparently, she said that there'll be a big surprise." I told Chaeyoung while cutting my nails.

"Hmm, I wonder what that surprise would be." She acted like she was concentrating on thinking for an answer.

"Probably something for my birthday." I nodded, agreeing with myself and saw Chaeyoung's mouth open.

"Oh my gosh, I didn't realize that!" She exclaimed and I sworn that I heard her tone being sarcastic for a split second.

"We're only one week away Lisa! You don't plan on doing anything?" She asked me and I shook my head. I never really did something special for my birthday but then my friends are the ones taking initiative on making them memorable.

"How about..." Chaeyoung asked and I immediately interrupted her.

"Nope. Not doing anything." I spoke firmly and she groaned.


"Please do tell me we're gonna have a room for pillow fights." I smiled giddily as Jennie and I were nearing the door to her "surprise".

"Now, close your eyes." She commanded and I frowned.

"Fine." I acquiesced and closed them.

I can hear the sound of the door opening and I feel my feet moving towards some unknown direction.

"Now open your eyes." I opened them and saw two bunk beds designed beautifully with the pillows and bedsheets neatly placed.

"This is so. Oh my gosh. I never thought I'd get to see something like this in real life! Thank you Jennie!" I turned around and hugged her.

Wait a minute.

This isn't her scent.

I opened my eyes and saw...

"JISOO?!" I shouted then smiled brightly despite being overwhelmed by her sudden appearance. She returned the smile and hugged me again.

"Don't forget about me!" Another voice came from behind Jisoo and there I see...

"Pasta!" I embraced the girl and we jumped together like kids bouncing happily on the bed.

"But wait, what did you guys- how did you guys get here?" I pulled back from the embrace and blinked at the three of them with curious thoughts.

The two of them looked at Jennie and she smiled awkwardly while waving at me. "Surprise?" She said shyly and I grinned mischievously.

"Why did you do that? You're such a traitor!" I lunged at her before putting the head into an arm lock. The other girl looked at me confusingly but then I wiggled my eyebrows at them and they seemed to understand as they nodded at each other.

Ah, best friends...

"What do you mean? I thought you'll be happy because they're here." She removed her head from my grip and frowned at me.

"Am I not enough for you, my wife? You had to bring my other ones." I told her mischievously and she snorted. She wasn't fond of my calling her the nickname of "wife". The other two girls bursted laughing.

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