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most days, hoseok would only like namjoon to wear revealing clothing around him, most of the time while they were home alone

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most days, hoseok would only like namjoon to wear revealing clothing around him, most of the time while they were home alone.

but today, it was a rather hot summer day and the young couple planned on going out to spend time togather for the day.

"seokie, please, it's really hot out and I'll wear shorts underneath," namjoon whined to his boyfriend of three years.

namjoon was dressed in one of hoseok's over-sized button downs and it only stopped at the middle of his thigh. the older hated when namjoon showed too much skin when they went out in public. he was well aware of how attractive namjoon was but the younger was too naive to realize it himself so he really saw no problem with it.

but he didn't notice the many heated glares, unlike hoseok.

hoseok didn't like how possessive he could get but he couldn't help himself.

never in his many years of living, he'd never met anyone as beautiful, inside and out, as namjoon. when they met, hoseok thought he was going to be like every pretty boy that approached him; only after his name and money.

but the boy was the complete opposite. he didn't even know who the infamous Jung Hoseok, the handsome, dancer and billionaire was. only the man he shyly told he had a heart shaped smile and really pretty hair and they had similar tastes in music so they should get to know one another.

( the music store clerk, jungkook, one of hoseok's close friends, was watching the whole time and totally didn't record it and send it to him. )

hoseok huffed and looked at the forecast for the day, the current temperature already 32° Celcius and expected to rise later in the day.

he didn't want his baby to burn up so he grumbled out, "fine, and those shorts better be one of my favorite pairs."

namjoon squealed and hugged hoseok tightly, "of course! i don't know why you wasted your money on them anyway when you can get them from a much less expensive place."

hoseok wrapped his arms around namjoon's slim waist and whined out childishly, "because i like spoiling my baby! he deserves it and so much more."

namjoon blushed and pushed hoseok lightly and rushed up the stairs. when he opened the door to their bedroom and spotted the GUCCI box layed on the bed and he screamed, "Jung Hoseok!"

hoseok laughed loudly and yelled, "i already burned the receipt!"


the couple were seated outside of a small but successful restaurant. they were giggling from their both cringey jokes when their waiter came to their table.

"hello, my name is junhoe, I'll be your waiter today, what would you like," the handsome waiter asked. hoseok noticed his eyes lingered on namjoon a bit too long for his liking.

the innocent boy politely smiled up at him and spoke, "i would like the chicken alfredo, please."

hoseok saw the male bite his lip as he wrote down his order. when he looked up at hoseok, the gleam in his eyes was gone and replaced with slight jealousy.

"i'll take the chef's filet, steak well done, please" hoseok spoke in a dull tone, his glare set on the waiter. he noticed the irritation on the man's face as he picked up their menus, bowed, and walked away.

namjoon stood and scooted his chair closer to hoseok's so he could lean his head on his shoulder. he looked up at his boyfriend and grinned, "so I have to sit here and watch you at some poor shrimp."

hoseok smiled down at him and leaned forward to whisper in his ear, "would you rather it be you i eat right here, right now?"

hoseok watched the blush spread across namjoon's cheeks and smirked. namjoon swat him on the arm and hissed out, "not now, hobi."

hoseok chuckled and lifted a hand to brush away namjoon's fading peach hair and mumbled, "why, because people would see how desperate my baby can get from a few simple words?"

as he spoke, his hand slowly trailed down to namjoon's neck and squeezed it lightly and namjoon whimpered, "h-hobi, not here."

hoseok chuckled. he didn't even have to look down to know that namjoon was enjoying his teasing no matter how much he denied it. one of hoseok's many talents was to learn a person's weaknesses. he didn't always use them unless he absolutely had to.

other times, like now, he was doing it to have his fun.

hoseok let his fingers slowly crawl in between namjoon's bare, smooth thighs. he heard namjoon's breathe hitch but the boy didn't even reach down to stop him.

"your mouth is saying one thing, but your body is saying something completely different, baby. are you lying to me," hoseok asked, feigning anger. he squeezed the inside of namjoon's thigh, the most sensitive part, and watched namjoon double over and lean his head on the table.

"no, god please, hobi," namjoon begged. hoseok could hear his voice wavering and he cooed inwardly. he loved seeing namjoon cry in situations like this.

hoseok's roughly grabbed him and pulled him up into a heated kiss. he opened his eyes to see if their waiter was watching and he was, his jaw clenched in anger. hoseok only smirked and slowly raised his middle finger.

he knew he was damn lucky and he felt it wouldn't be right to not show off what's his.


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