A Beautiful Family Reunion II

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❤️ Good things come to those who bake❤️

“How did you get your muscles?” Damien asked loudly over the music that was on so Sam turned it down.

“I trained. Tirelessly.”


“The Gymnasium. Heard of it?”

Damien nodded and fidgeted in the back of Sam's Toyota Land cruiser, strapped in with his seatbelt. “I go there sometimes with Mamie.”

“And you train?” He made a joke or rather tried to, while driving as slowly as possible. His cautiousness was getting the best of him.

They left the restaurant a couple of minutes ago and he's been receiving dirty looks from the drivers who passed him on the road.

Oh piss off. I have a son, do you have a four year old? I'm thinking no.

“I can't. My arms are too small. But Mamie's teaching me how to do push-ups. They're hard.”

“Not if you do it correctly. How about I teach you sometime?” His phone rang through the speakers of the car before going off. It answered automatically because it was Ashley.

“Yesss! So my arms can be as big as yours!”

Sam chuckled humorously. “You don't want these right now, they're heavy. Hey Ash.”

“Am I on speaker?” Her voice rang out in the car, drawing Damien's attention.

“Um..yes, why?”

“Is he in the car? By he, I mean your son Damien?”


Sam looked in the rearview mirror and Damien was busying himself with straightening his seatbelt for the hundredth time.

“Hey D, say hi to Aunty Ashley.”

He was risking it but hey, somebody needed to save him from Ashley’s wrath.

“Hi Aunty Ashley! I didn't know I had an aunt!” He exclaimed joyfully and leaned forward, forgetting that he had a seatbelt.

“Hey baby boo! Tell your daddy to bring you over, let me take a look at you! Yes, you have a full grown aunt. I'm his sister.” She sounded so happy that he almost forgot she was plotting on killing him.

“Can we go? Pleaseee, Daddy?”


He had dug himself into an even bigger hole with her. “Sure. We'll be there in ten minutes.”

“Great. See you soon, baby. Samuel? I'll be seeing you soon.” The curt beep after the call was turned off made him scared. A lot.

Ashley was almost never mad at him. Even when he did something wrong to her, she would try to see why and where she went wrong, to ensure that it didn't happen again.

But this was something else. He wasn't sure he was going to make it out alive. He sighed and his hands tightened around the steering.

“Are you okay?” Damien had been watching him silently. They had stopped at a red light so he turned around to him and held one of his hands.

“I want you to listen to me closely, okay?” When Damien nodded, he continued, “I've waited almost five years to have time with you. Being a father is something that I'm still learning but..I know what I don't want to start. I never want to tell you anything that isn't true, D. The truth, always. Do you understand?”

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