What If

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We were filming a video about babies. Eugene doesn't really like them but to be honest, I kind of want children.

I was behind the camera when they were talking with Dr. Yvonne and they were talking about human birth.

"So many things could go wrong" Ned said

"Yea I kinda don't want children anymore" I said

"But the outcome is great, you won't regret it" Dr. Yvonne told me

"But, it's so hard. What if they have a disease? What if they get stuck like you said? What if it dies? What if-" I get cut of my Eugene giving me a peck on the lips

"You too are disgusting" Zach said as I sat

"I don't care, what if-" Eugene kissed me again

"Fine, I'll stop" I said lying down on Eugene's chest

~time skip to when it's Eugene's turn to snatch a Baby out of a womb~

I was watching him. After he lubed it up, he threw it on top of the medical model. "EUGENE"


"We're not having children if you're going to act like that" I said, pouting

"I prefer dogs over babies"

"Remember what you said in the lie detected test?" He admitted he wanted children

"Yeah but not now, let's do it when the YT channel is stable already"


~ sawry for the time skip but time skip after they film~

Eugene and I were at his place.



"What if we had children?"

"We will, we talked about that"

"What if I can't have children?" I asked, becoming teary eyed

"Don't think about that, we'll adopt"

"But I want my own kids"

"We'll still be a family"

"Ok but promise me if anything goes wrong, you won't leave me"

"Of course" he said as we cuddled all night

A/N: sorry if there are delayed chapters, again. School and stuff. And sorry for that cheesy ending. K bye

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