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Written by myxherokacchan on tumblr

Being kissed vs kissing

Bakugo Katsuki

Kacchan wouldn't dislike a s/o who took charge. He would be taken back at first when his s/o stole the first kiss, a loud tch would escape his lips soon after. He'd glare intently at his s/o and insult them for not asking first and for making him a blushing mess but then he would lean in, a large hot hand of his grabbing his s/o by the back of the head to pull them in for a much more passionate peck this time. He didn't care if anyone looked, hell he would want them too, his s/o was his and that needed to be public knowledge.


When Bakugo wanted a kiss, he would take any opportunity to steal one from his s/o lips. Even walking to his s/o's desk in class even if it wasn't near his own. He would grab them by the back of their head, pull it back and plant a rough kiss on them. Or grab his s/o by the arm if they passed by him, pulling them down with a rough yank to bring their face low enough to kiss them without even getting out of his chair. He did what he wanted and his s/o was his.

Kirishima Ejiro

No matter if it was in public or private, the fact that his s/o made the first move would make him feel slightly unmanly! But that feeling would quickly melt away after a few seconds and he'd pull his s/o in again for even more. Strong, hard, arms would keep his s/o pressed against his toned body while stealing a series of gentle kisses before his lips wondered all around his s/o face. He had a s/o who wanted to kiss him! There would be no complaining coming from that hard boy.


Kirishima was always on the more gentle side unless his s/o wanted the opposite. His arms would trap his s/o with no chance of escaping, he wanted a kiss and wanted it now even if the two of them were in the crowded hallway! One of his strong hands would cup his s/o chin forcing them to look up at his bright toothy smile which would quickly soften to a smirk when his eyes darted from his s/o's lips and eyes a few times. He would kiss his s/o so deeply and for so long that a passing teacher would have to split them up. So unmanly to break lovers apart!

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