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Blissful darkness, cool and smooth, basted Jungkook's skin and brushed over the film of his eyes. He floated--perfect peace--through the darkness. Like a blind man gaining sight, the more the coolness swelled around him and the more he started to see--as if freckles of light were pricking through a canvas of pitch.

Until those freckles burst forth in glorious light--and he realized he was beholding starlight glory; worlds without end; spinning galaxies.


Jeon Jungkook looked down at his hands--at the canyons between skin cells and the intricate lines like rivers flowing across his palms

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Jeon Jungkook looked down at his hands--at the canyons between skin cells and the intricate lines like rivers flowing across his palms.

He thought that his hands appeared larger and brighter than they should. Curious, he reached an arm out towards the speckled lights, the scattering stars, and felt as if he really could scoop the specks up and hold them inside of his palm. If only he reached a little further...

Jeon Jungkook didn't know the universe could feel so infinitesimally small, and so absolutely immeasurable, all at the same time. He didn't know that he could feel so vast within it. Something within him and through him and around him was alive to this reality that he was more than. That space and time were more than. That his breaths were all at once simple and mechanical and human... and yet complex and irreducible and divine.

"What... am I?"

Jungkook blinked hard, then opened his eyes again.

Strands of translucent color started to swirl through the galaxy surrounding him, like colored banners rippling slowly through black water. Four colors they were: red, yellow, green and blue.

The green banner frayed and unraveled.

The yellow banner tore down the middle and scattered into nothingness.

Then the red and blue twisted together and formed a messy, suffocating knot.

Jungkook reached out and grabbed ahold of the swirling knot of color, and attempted to untangle the web. But no matter how hard he plucked and pulled, the tangle of the banners of red and blue seemed irreversible.

So, he dug his fingers in deep--like claws into colorful flesh--and then heaved.

A great tear.

A chorus of screams.

The knot parted, unraveling seams, and the banners fell in scattered pieces... dissolving into the galaxy.


Jeon Jungkook opened his eyes.

He was sitting crossed legged inside of a cramped, dark space where the air was stale and the floor was hard.

Inside of the ship's hallway, he had discovered that some floor tiles opened up into storage units beneath their feet. Early that morning he had crawled inside an empty unit to hide from the world for a hot minute.

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