He must have noticed my frown, as he kneels down and faces me, his hands rest on my knees.

"What's wrong babe? Are you not excited to go with me?"

"Wait, when you said we you meant me? Not you and James?"

He nods and kisses me lightly on the forehead.

"Well, sort of. James has his own mission. He and Jemma are being sent in search of that ass Jasper and you and I are going abroad to meet with packs all over the world in search of answers for you and Amalie."

He has a smile so bright I cannot look straight at him or I might just jump him.

Luckily he doesn't see me staring and he continues.

"It's crazy. Father called the high council and they are sending part of their warrior guard to come with us. We will also be accompanied by some leaders from other packs, and two guys from ours too. I can't believe it!"

"You seem excited. Shouldn't we be, I don't know, nervous? Worried about what people will think?"

"I am excited. And nervous as hell. But shit, think about it, we get to meet packs from everywhere, see how they live, work. It's amazing. And we get to go together."

Emerson interrupts his excited speech.

"And looks like I'll be joining you."

"Really?" I ask her, a little relieved I won't be the only non- wolf on the trip. Plus, I like her, it will be nice to travel with someone I get along with so well.

"Yes, Alpha Argos has asked me to go and as I just spoke to my husband and he has been asked to go, I said yes! This way we can continue treatment and I also get a glimpse into this wolf world! I'm so excited about the scientific possibilities!"

Argent and I laugh.

"Yes I am aware I'm a nerd. Thank you both! Aida, maybe we can take the rest of the day off? You can work with Argent on shifting technique if you like?"

I nod and grab his hand. Anything to get out of this room and outside.
We walk at a quick pace out the doors and through the busy foyer and we almost reach the doors before I hear our names being called.

So close. Ahhh. I just want to get out of here.

I turn and see Jemma and James coming towards us. Thank god it's just my brother.

I let go of Arge and give James a hug. And then I hug Jemma. She is lovely. Sweet and funny and crazy gorgeous, my brother is a lucky man.

"So you have heard the news?"

James asks and looks down at me.

"Yep, taking the anti- wolf show on tour apparently"

I smile and he just shoves me gently on the shoulder.

Arge shakes his head. It's kind of a running joke now, me, the wolf who can't be a wolf. It's depressing.

"Are you ok with travelling so soon after everything?"

My big brother is worried about me. It's adorable. I will never take it for granted. Never did I expect to have any of this, a mate, friends, a loving and protective brother. Whatever happens now, I will always have this. And it's more than enough.

"I don't really know. It's not like anything major has happened in the last few days for me in terms of shifting or anything and now that Emerson is coming too, she can keep an eye on anything health related I guess."

I turn to face Argent.

"And I have this guy to protect me. I'll be ok. I'll miss the two of you though. We are still just getting the hang of being siblings."

"That's what FaceTime is for hun"

Jemma smiles and hugs me. James looks torn.

"I should stay with you. If you want me to tell Alpha that I will, just say the word."

James means every word. I know if I asked this of him, he would do it in a heart beat.

It crosses my mind briefly. But then I realise, this is his shot, at proving himself. This is his journey to take. With his mate.

"No, you should go. Bring our dad back here to sort this mess out. He owes us that. And it should be you to find him."

He hugs me tight.

"So, when do we all leave?"

Arge breaks the silence and James and I break apart.

"Jemma and I leave for strand pack tomorrow morning and from there we will track Jasper and the vampire activity and as soon as the guard from the council arrives with the assigned leaders from the council packs, we will be off. You?"

He questions Arge.

"We will wait to see what response we get from the packs and see where we are off to first. The leaders assigned to join us and the council guard will be here in the next few days."

Jemma takes my hand and squeezes it.

"Nothing like jumping in at the deep end hey Aida?"

I shake my head and look at them all, my amazing and brave new family.

"For some reason, that's just how I roll these days"

They all laugh and Argent gathers me up in a tight hug.

"Nothing is too much for this one, I'm telling you, she can handle it. Plus, I will never let anything happen to her. I kind of like her,"

He places a soft kiss on my lips and before I have a chance to lose myself entirely I hear James coughing behind us.

" Yeah ok ok, she is still my baby sister you know, watch it or you will get your ass whipped Argent"

"Is that a threat Beta?"

Argent says this with a crazed look on his face and before we all know what is happening, he pulls James' pants down completely, causing me to cover my eyes and gaining a whistle from Jemma and shocking many others in the still busy foyer.

"You, little Alpha, are a dead man"

The two take off out the doors leaving Jemma and I laughing after them, James hiking his pants up as he runs after Argent.

"Yep, I'm definitely in capable hands". I say to Jemma, taking her arm and pulling her down the stairs after the boys.

At least we can still have some fun before it all changes tomorrow.

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