Chapter 25

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Aida POV

Day two of trying to wolf me up is already irritating.
Yesterday Emerson and I just spent the day talking. We spoke about my past. My childhood and what I can remember, foster home after foster home, test after test.

All the medication.

She has been working on my blood work all night. It's her "thing" apparently. Gives me the creeps. But if she likes it then that's great for me.

From what I can tell so far about her, she is brilliant. She loves anything science and now that the whole supernatural world has opened up to her since meeting her mate, she is in her element. She is very kind and patient. And she is a newbie to this, like me which I love.

I sit in the chairs in the med room kicking my legs back and forward like an impatient child, waiting for her to come out with the latest tests and tell me I'm a reject wolf.

The last two tests had the same issue. An extra "something" in the blood work. She can't explain it. Neither can Marcus. But it's a little bit different to the "something" in the blood that has caused Amalie to go off the rails.

I don't have a sudden hunger for blood like she does though, thank god, because that would make me puke everywhere and no one needs to see that.

So now I'm a wolf anomaly. I haven't had the meds to mask my wolf traits for almost an entire week. So what is happening? Has that idiot biological father of mine pushed it so far that it has disappeared?

Or maybe I just get a few of the traits and not the actual morphing power. I can hear the link, more clear everyday and I can now link whenever I like instead of just accidentally hearing it here and there.

My healing has accelerated too. The blood test sticks only last for a few seconds and then they are completely gone. So that's cool at least.

But as yet, no wolf power. And if I am being honest with myself, I don't know if I mind that much. It freaks me out that we can just explode out of our human body, grow fur and triple in size and grow a tail! A tail! It is a bit gross!

I shudder just thinking about it.

"Aida!" Emerson shrieking my name pulls me out of my internal dribble.

"Uh yeah? All ok?"

"Oh my god! It's smaller! The anomaly, it's there but it's decreased! I think the transfusions are helping!"

"Ah, good? Oh wait, crap, does this mean I need more?"

I have been having twice daily "wolf dialysis" as Emerson calls it. It's a process where we basically swap out my tainted blood for fresh wolf blood of my same type. Sound gross? Because it is. And boring. It takes up way too much of my time and I would rather be spending those hours kissing Argent.

I blush a little just thinking about it.
Emerson continues her excited science babbling.

"Yes! I knew this would work. Now maybe we should do this for Amalie too? If only we could get near her with blood. She will have to be completely sedated again."

Her smile turns to a frown. I hate seeing them do this to her but she is getting more and more aggressive as the hours go by.

Emerson continues talking to herself and I wait on the chairs, becoming more and more impatient.
Suddenly the doors next to me bang open and Arge comes through them looking stressed and a little something else, excited ?

"Aida guess what?! You will never guess. I'll just tell you. Father is sending us on a mission."

My heart sinks. I was kind of hoping to spend some time here with him, learning to wolf and just getting to know each other more as people and maybe mates.

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