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5th trigger word


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AS JAZEON WALKED TO THE GREAT HALL, WHERE HORACE SLUGHORN Gave them their time tables. Jazeon took a look at his first timetable. Potions with Gryffindors. Jazeon felt himself want to die.

He Didn't want to be in the same classroom as the marauders. He could never survive that way. But he didn't have any choice, if he wants to leave school with flying colors, he had to resist the urge of hexing and jinxing the marauders. The common thing he will tell himself when the marauders annoys him.

It was mainly Sirius Black and James Potter who annoys him. Remus Lupin and Peter Pettiegrew never did harm him or approved their friends works, but did they even tried to stop them when they hex Jazeon and accuse him of being a monster? No. They definitely didn't.

But Jazeon just sat at the potions classroom rather early. One of the few subject he could get along with was Potions. Jazeon admired how the ingredients swirl together and change colors. And Jazeon might not be the best student at Potions, but Slughorn liked him.

Because Jazeon wasn't one of those few who takes making a potion a challenge, Jazeon took Potion taking with enjoyment, the way Jazeon's eyes lit up whenever the color changes. That was what Slughorn liked of Jazeon, he wants students to enjoy, not be challenged.

Jazeon sat patiently at the chair. Soon, Lily and Severus Snape entered. And when Snape spotted Jazeon, he immediately sneered at the tall blonde boy, nothing new if you ask him, it was something he always received in daily basis of his life.

Lily just sat with Severus, she was forced to. And Jazeon didn't blame her at all. But he noticed the marauders very well absent, and couldn't but wonder why. Did they made pranks and received detention once more? He couldn't really tell.

After Potions, Jazeon was to go to Divination, but he didn't like Professor Trelawney. Last time he had her last year, she told him he was going to die, and but he didn't. It just caused a dramatic scene. Jazeon believed James Potter and Sirius Black were saddened to hear that he Didn't die at all.

As Jazeon decided to not go to Divination and just go to the room of requirements, he was on his way when he stopped tracks when he felt shadows pull his feat to the ground to stop walking. Jazeon turned and saw he had stopped near the doorway of the hospital wing.

"How bad was his scar?" He heard the voice of madam pomfey. Jazeon turned, what scar? He didn't recall anyone getting scarred. The only person he knew that had scars was the hufflepuff girl prefect, the slytherin boy, and Remus Lupin.

"Not bad, just got hit by a branch." He heard the sheepish voice of none other than Sirius Black. Jazeon wondered why though. What branch? Did they like skip class to pull a prank on a tree. If they did, Jazeon recommends they need mental help.

"Oh dear! The whomping willow is a very tough tree, This scar of Mr Lupin will heal in a few weeks. He needs to take a rest, and so does the lot of you three!" Madam Pomfey says to them. Why though? Why do Lupin have a scar and the other three needing rest?

"I hope you rest in peace." Jazeon mumbles under his breath. He chose to let his fingers freely touch the walls as he walks, until he stopped. "Ow." He said lowly, it wasn't even in concern.

He looked at his middle finger, a nail for hammers was stuck between the middle, he didn't even look slightly pained. He was used to pain, and he's been through a lot worse than a hammer nail in his finger.

Then an idea popped. If he goes to Madam pomfey for medical help, he could learn what really is happening in the hospital wing between the marauders. That was a risky idea, but Risk wasn't something Jazeon cared about that moment. He was hungry for information.

He walked casually walked to the hospital wing, pushing the hammer nail deeper while doing so, he didn't feel the slightest pain as it went through his finger, it was bloody, but it was no pain he couldn't exactly handle.

"Madam Pomfey?" Jazeon calls calmly, but loud enough for the marauders to know his prensence. They believed Jazeon didn't know they were there, as they had white curtains to cover them. And they sticked on hiding.

"Yes?" Madam Pomfey calls back as she walks, looking down her books, not looking up.

"I found something cool. I found a Nail, by just using my fingers." Jazeon said, the slightest hint of humour and sarcasm mixing in at his tone and voice. His expression remains neutral.

Madam Pomfey looked up from her book to raise an eyebrow, only to see the bloodied finger of Jazeon Veller. She nearly died on her spot as it looked so painful. But she was amazed at how Jazeon wasn't looking pained at all.

"Oh my! We need a hammer." She said as she searched in the cabinets for her wand. Jazeon rose an eyebrow at Madam Pomfey.

"Are we gonna knock it deeper?" Jazeon asks her, she didn't answer right away. So he said, "We don't need a hammer, I'm just gonna do this–" He said, stopping his trails as he pushed the nail deeper, and the loud crack was heard echoing around.

The marauders winced the slightest. It sounded painful even though they couldn't exactly see.

"Oh my! No, No, no." Madame Pomfey panicked as she looked at Jazeon's finger, the nail was now there deeper through Jazeon's finger and finger bone.

Peter was curious and chose to peek, and saw the bloodied finger with a nail in through it. He collapsed back in bed fainting. He was always one not a fan of blood, especially of a nail sticked through The finger.

"Psst, Hey Peter? What do you see???" Sirius whispered, he got no reply, so he also chose to peek too. His eyed widened at the view, sitting back at his bed traumatised by the image. He had no idea that there was a more worse image that was stuck into Jazeon's mind.

"I'll choose not to peek." James said to himself, and acting like the wise one. Which when he really wasn't.

Back in the chair where Jazeon sat, Madam Pomfey desperately looking fot her wand. Jazeon was getting bored.

"How would we hammer this hammer nail, Madam pomfey?" Jazeon asked the older witch. Madam Pomfey didn't look up as she was too busy looking for her wand.

"We'll push it, then pull it–" she was cut off by hearing another crack. She looked and saw Jazeon had pushed the nail further. She nearly fainted.

"Like this?" Jazeon asked, raising his middle finger, which he only rose only. The marauders would have been amused if only there wasn't a nail stuck through his finger.

"No!" Madam Pomfey shouts, She was stressed already with the nail and the marauders. Jazeon was already used to Madam Pomfey raising her voice, she always does.

And before they knew it, Jazeon pulled out the nail, Madam Pomfey widened her eyes and looked.

There was a hole through Jazeon's finger, a whole where you could see through, and you could also see the insides.

And with that, Madam Pomfey casted one last look at the finger and inside and through it, she fainted and fell on the floor, her eyes rolling back at her head.

Jazeon rose an eyebrow and looked at his finger shrugging.

"Hole" the  5th trigger word

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