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C H A P T E R   F I V E

4th trigger word

      AS THE SLYTHERINS RETRIEVED TO THEIR COMMON ROOMS AND DORMS, Regulus And Jazeon were forced to go their separate ways

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      AS THE SLYTHERINS RETRIEVED TO THEIR COMMON ROOMS AND DORMS, Regulus And Jazeon were forced to go their separate ways. Seeing as Regulus was 2 years younger. And for once, Jazeon felt comfortable in his bed.

Unpacking using Levitating to do the work for him. It was when in the middle of the night Jazeon woke up panting, sweating. He had a nightmare once again. Seeing the images of his parents death replaying in his nightmare and mind flying all around.

Jazeon finds himself in the bathroom, the door locked. He looked at the mirror. He wished to talk to Cahlby, and beg him to undo the nightmares that left broken scars. He focused at himself at the reflection, gripping tight the sink as he felt the intense pain at his back.

And before he knew it, black shadows errupted from his back, and it appeared as Slenderman's tentacle like arms. But it wasn't the physical one, it was more like the shadow mocking. And there, Jazeon focused on returning to his head and talk to Cahlby about his odd shadows mocking tentacle arms.

"Tea?" He heard the deep humourous voice behind him. He turned around and saw Cahlby in his normal comedian face. Jazeon lets out a sigh of relief. He was dying to talk to Cahlby, knowing that the monster living in his head knows more than he looks like he does.

"No Thank you." Jazeon answered, sitting on one chair as Cahlby sat across him.

"To what do I owe yor presence?" Cahlby asked, the common Monster talk he told to Jazeon about. Jazeon sat back, he still wore his trousers and sleveless shirt. His shoes tapped on the floor, the nightmares kept on hunting him repeatedly these days.

"I've been having nightmares mostly now these days. Can you tell me where I can shut the source of nightmare?" Jazeon asked Cahlby who hummed. Cahlby obviously wanted somethimg in return.

"Sure, I can show you where so you could shut it. Just promise me one thing." Cahlby said hummingly. Jazeon leaned forward a little, Now listening very carefully.

"Sure. What is that promise you want me to keep?" Jazeon asked his main monster. Cahlby hummed once more, with the exact lines of "Try not to mistake, what you have with what you hate, it could leave, it could leave, come the morning." It was kind of annoying and getting under Jazeon's nerves. But he'll admit, the song was quite good.

"You'll fight back to the Marauders when they bully you." Cahlby said, Jazeon felt himself have the corner of his mouth twitch up, forming to a small smile. But it still showed his dimples.

"I promise." Jazeon said, Cahlby smiled before standing up, leading Jazeon to a door.

"This is the Red door, the red door is where your nightmare monster lives in. No, he does not attack, he cries over your worst memories, making it your nightmares as this monster's tears drop to the bowl of nightmare source. And it will replay your worst memories." Cahlby explained to Jazeon.

"How do I get him to stop?" Jazeon asks Cahlby. Cahlby hummed once more, the lines of "Nobody seems to know my name, so don't leave me to sleep all alone, may we stay lost on our way home." The voice of Cahlby was too good for a monster, he had a better voice than Jazeon, well at least that's what Jazeon says.

"Hmm?" Cahlby hummed before walking infront of the door, not looking back at Jazeon. "You own your mind, you go ahead and tell the nightmare monster, comfort him, for him to stop and obey you." Cahlby told him. Jazeon was hesiatant but he still went and opened the door.

The nightmare monster didn't even bother to look up as it was busy crying, good thing the tears weren't dropping to the bowl.

"Hey?" Jazeon said softly, the monster turned and looked at Jazeon. The monster had normal eeys, but large rabbit teeth. He looked so far like a human but with silhouette skin, and red flakes of hair.

"Who are you?" The monster tried to sound intimidated. But badly fails. Jazeon softly walked towards him and sat beside him.

"I'm Jazeon Veller, I own this mind. You're crying of my worst moments, making me have nightmares, do you know how it feels to have nightmares?" Jazeon asked the monster. The monster shook it's head.

"It feels awful. A lot more awful than the worst memories you cry over. Because when you have nightmares, you'll feel down and scared. Fearing what you'll see." Jazeon explained any further to the monster who looked pained and shocked of the new discovery. Monsters could be dramatic.

"So you see, because of you crying, I get nightmares." Jazeon told the monster who looked saddened.

"I'm sorry. I won't cry again. Please forgive me?" The Monster said to Jazeon. Jazeon smiled gently at the monster.

"Don't worry, I don't blame you. But please don't cry so very often?" Jazeon pleads. The monster nodded wholeheartedly. "What's your name?" Jazeon asked.

"I'm Mauro. The nightmare monster. I live inside the Red Door." The monster said. Jazeon smiled, standing up.

"Well, Mauro. I best must be going. I need to return to the real world." Jazeon told Mauro who nodded, waving goodbye which Jazeon returns.

He exits the door while closing it behind. Cahlby stood there still humming the song earlier. They walked up the stairs like a maze before ending back to the room they both were last before at.

"Your roomates are gonna wake up any minute now. You must be going." Cahlby said, ready to snap his fingers.

"Wait! I have a question!" Jazeon said hurrily. He was about to ask Cahlby about the tentacle like arms that appeared out of nowhere.

"You can ask me later tonight!" Cahlby said waving goodbye before Jazeon closed his eyes, appearing back in the bathroom. He looked at the window, and saw the sun slowly rising.

Jazeon swore at Cahlby. He had been kicked out of his own head. When really, Jazeon did it on his own. Cahlby was just being dramatic over snapping his fingers. Jazeon tagging along the dramatics without even realizing it on his own.

Well, it was best for him to just continue for now. He opened the door and exited, changed to his robes and got out of the common room. His roomates were still snoring. But he was told they'll wake up soon.

Jazeon just hopes he could talk soon to Cahlby about the tentacle arms that appeared out of nowhere from his back. Was he truly a monster? He doesn't know, but soon enough, he will.

"Midnight." The 4th trigger word that had left him asking himself

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