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Mary's POV

Ring ! Ring ! Ring !

I picked up my phone.

"Hello ?"

"Hello is this Mary Fenty?" A man spoke .

"Well I'm calling to say it's Drake and I'm outside Party told me to come over and take you to the after party ." Drake spoke .

"Drake ! Yo I haven't talked to you in a while . I'll run out give me 5 ." I replied.

" Alright I'm outside waiting ." He responded .

I quickly hugged Party one last time and rushed out .

"What's good homeboy !" I greeted drake .

"Aye! Lil sis what's good ." He took me into his embrace.

"Come on leggo !" I jumped into his black G wagon .

I felt this sense that something went wrong . I feel it in my gut .

As we drove music was bumping all throughout.

Until the unexpected happened.

Drake hit the breaks . I ran out the car over to August laying dead on the floor . Tears of anger filled my eyes . I started burning inside. This rage took over .

"FUCK!" I shouted out .

"CALL THE FUCKING AMBULANCE!" I shouted at him .

I held August crying all over him rocking back and forth with him in my arms . I saw the bullet through his head .

My phone started ringing I pulled it out and answered it was the hospital.

"Ma'am I'm calling to say that Christopher Brown and Tremaine Neverson have been shot Tremaine didn't make it Christopher did ." The nurse spoke .


The demons took over .

"The ambulance is on their way what happened?" Drake asked worried for his life .

"They killed Trey !" I cried .

The ambulance came rushing right after I told him .

My life came crashing down . My baby my and my brother are gone .  This universe couldn't get more fucked up . 

I held him close to me and kissed his cheek multiple times as my tears fell onto him .

"Baby please wake up !" I cried .

"Please ." I want this to be a dream .

Someone needs to pinch me . This isn't real . My brother and my best friend are alive .

I'm going to wake up next to August and I'm going to tell him I love him just like everyday .
I'm going to wake up and have a 1 minute conversation with Trey about how much I love him and to take care .

My baby is gone , he's gone forever. He told me he wasn't going to leave me . He promised me .
He fucking told me !

"Baby please !" I cried as the ambulance tried to take me off of him .

Two nurses pulled me away.

"AUGUST PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS A DREAM !" I shouted right before the ambulance sped off . I fell to my knees and cried endlessly.

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