1 | The first gaze

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" Aaah I'm gonna be late for the meeting! " Jin ran towards the door, clumsily opening it with his left hand carrying his bag with tones of files.

" I think you should wear this thing called shoes. You know, just a suggestion. " Jin stared at his legs as he realized he was only wearing socks then Yoongi threw him his shoes.

He didn't have enough time to wear the shoes so he just picked it up and got in the car.

He drove as fast as he could and finally arrived at his company. He was the CEO of Jin Enterprise and today he will have an important meeting with a company and here he was, still struggling to get out of the car.

" Thank god. " He was six steps away from the entrance before that he realized he was walking with only socks on as he felt everyone was staring at him weirdly.

" Ugh! Can't this day be any worse? " He ran back to the car and wore his shoes. He checked on his watch,
" I'm dead. " He ran as fast as he could to the company and get in the lift.

Finally he could relax a bit. He tilted his face to the left and right checking his handsome face on the mirror since it was his routine everyday. Not to mention that he was well known by his handsomeness and being a CEO at such a young age. Fixing his tie, he then arrived at his office floor.

" Jin Hyung!, finally you're here. I've called you so many times! Here let me help you. The client is waiting for us in the meeting room. " His assistant which was also his best friend, Park Jimin lead him to the meeting room.

" Good morning, Sir. I'm so sorry for keeping you waiting. I guess we can start the meeting now. " Jin said while eyeing the room just to see people opening their files then his eyes landed on the company's CEO he was dealing with, Kim Taehyung.

Taehyung can't help himself but to stare at the beautiful angel in front of him the whole time. He watched carefully as the kissable pink plump lips moved softly.


"So any suggestions? Anyone? Mr.Kim?"

He jumped a little as the beautiful angel called out his name while he was staring deeply at the caller himself but he managed to keep the straight blank face he always put on.

" I guess we should hang the meeting for now. See you at the next meeting, Kim Seokjin. " Taehyung said calmly , standing up from his seat – ready to get out of the room. Now every eyes was on him.

" What a brilliant excuse to say, stupid." Taehyung thought to hismself.

" But Mr. Kim, what's wrong? " Jin asked him, also standing up.

" I've something important waiting for me. Right, Hoseok? " Taehyung pretended to asked his personal assistant and thank god Hoseok knew how to play along.

" I'll arrange for the next meeting. Thank you for your time, Sir. " Hoseok said as they left the room leaving Jin and Jimin with shocked expressions sticking on their face.

" Did I say something wrong? " Asked Jin to Jimin which was still having the same expression on his face.

Jimin just shrugged his shoulder, not knowing what to say.

" Follow me to my room. " Jimin did what Jin asked and followed him to his room.

Closing the door, Jimin then sat on the chair in front of Jin.

" Ugh! I guess we might fail this one. "
Jin put up both his hand holding his dizzy head.

" Eish hyung, don't say that. Maybe they just have something important coming up. We won't know. By the way, why are you late, again? "

" I came home late last night. " Answered Jin.

" And why is that, huh? Don't tell me you was drunk, again. "

" N-no, I wasn't. Okay maybe just a little bit tipsy. " Jin flinced his face making a small circle with his fingers to convince Jimin.

" I knew it. Hyung you really should find a lover already. "

" Why would I, Jiminie? I'm living my best life. " Jin acted like he was smelling some fresh air.

" So you mean, going out every night, having Yoongi and I to collect you from the club because you're drunk and coming late to work everyday with headache is the best life? "

" Uh, maybe not the best life but I still love it. " Jin lied and Jimin knew it too well.

" Liar. Getting drunk every night is not the best way for you to move on you know."

" Please don't bring up the subject again. I don't wanna talk about him anymore. " Jin started to feel upset and Jimin didn't like his Hyung to be sad.

" By the way, I think Kim Taehyung is coming your way. "

" Kim Taehyung? The Kim Enterprise CEO? Coming for me? Haha not funny at all. " Jin shaked his head to deny it.

" By the way he looked at you just now, I already know that he is the one for you Hyung. " Jimin gave him a smirk before leaving the room leaving Jin to wonder alone.

It was lunch time right now, Jin closed his laptop then walked out of the room.

" Jimin, I'm going out and might not coming back after lunch, if someone asked for me tell them I'm not around. " Jin slowly closing his office's door and looked at Jimin.

" But where are you going? " Jimin asked looking at Jin suspiciously.

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