Chapter One

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It's finally here! The first chapter of PPC = L?'s SEQUEL :D A lot of you begged for one (even though I did not plan on writing it) so I'm going to beg for something too.

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It Started With A Phone Call ~ Chapter One

©Copyright 2012, AmySousa

            "I'm not sure that your mother is going to like it," I told Dan after closing the oven. Dan gave me a blank look and raised an eyebrow. "My mother always dreamed about having grandchildren. She's going to be ecstatic when she hears the news," he assured me. I sighed and gave him a pointed look.

            "She still hasn't accepted us being together and it's been years! She still sees me as your stupid student who is "dating you in hopes for a good mark," even though we're married and I graduated years ago!" I complained. I tried everything to get closer to Mrs. Phillips, but she always turned her head the other way.

            Thankfully at our wedding Dan convinced her not to be the only one to cause a scene and reject our marriage when the guy marrying us asked if anyone disagreed. If he hadn't I bet that she would have. She had to force a smile when welcoming guests. I wouldn't be surprised if she had a poster of my face in her room and threw darts at it for fun.

            "Don't worry, Sky. She has to know by now that we were dating because we both love each other. She just doesn't want to admit that she was wrong the whole time," Dan tried to assure me. "Did she tell you that?" I asked him with a hand on my side. "I'm her son. I can tell," Dan said before Luke walked in quickly.

            "What's the rush?" I asked him. "No time to talk. Avery's craving coke and almost threw a book at me when I told her that I would hold Venice so she could get it herself," he said from inside the fridge. "Avery doesn't like coke. She always wants sprite," I informed Luke.

            "Her hormones are probably still making her act crazy even after giving birth. Hopefully it'll stop soon so I don't have to keep walking a thin line," Luke said before running upstairs with a can of coke and a cup.

            "It's still weird seeing Luke like this," Dan laughed. I laughed with him in agreement before making my way over to the living room to sit down for a bit. As soon as I sat down I rubbed my back a bit. "Three months and my back is already starting to hurt," I complained to my tiny baby bump. It had finally started to show if you really paid attention and especially if you touched it.

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