Chapter 26

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"Viktor." "Ahhhh, Nicolae. It is good to see you. The manor looks very good. Where is Sasha?" I was laying on the great black bed with Peter holding me. With a final caress to my face and a quick kiss, he moved away from me but remained there on the bed in a relaxed stance. Drogo met my eyes from across the room and I swallowed from the emotion I saw there. All of us could hear the footsteps coming down the hall. Viktor's mind promised violence for his disappointment with my failure. My breathing was shallow as the door to the bedroom and Nicolae walked in to hold the door for Viktor.

I looked at Nicolae first and then my gaze shifted to Viktor for a second before I swung my legs over the bed, standing to greet him. I was in all black, like he preferred, wearing a long full skirt and corset. Peter got up off of the bed to walk over to the other side of the room to join his brothers. I met Viktor's approach by the foot of the bed and curtsied low to him, bowing my head and not making eye contact, as I said, "Master." He was looking at me. Did I dare meet his eyes? I slowly raised my eyes to his. He was going to slap me. I offered him my hand in greeting.

He took it to kiss and then his eyes landed on the ring; I had offered up my left hand instead of the right. Possessive delight rolled through him at the sight of it and he forgot about striking me as he brought the hand to his lips, eating me alive with his eyes. I bowed my head to him again. He used the hand he held to pull me up against him and his other went to the back of my neck to squeeze as he brought me up to him for a possessive kiss. We were fortunate that Viktor was not a mind reader like Nicolae or I; he could work inside the mind to a degree but not in the same way, otherwise he would have heard four strong reactions.

I realized as terrible and horrible as this was going to be for me, it was going to be almost as hard on the brothers. They loved me as much as I loved them and it went against everything in them to allow Viktor even close to me. But what choice did any of us have? Each one of them was dying inside watching him touch me. Viktor pulled back from the kiss and whispered, "I've missed you, my pet." He looked at me for a moment and observed, "You seem diminished somewhat." I bowed my head again and said, "It is the poison, Viktor. I'm sure I'll be back to normal, once it it fully gone from my system."

"Mmmmm, yes. It was a powerful sensation to enter your mind when you were drugged. I almost felt drugged myself when I did." He planted another kiss on my lips. "You seem weak. Have you not fed? Have the brothers not been feeding you or bringing you someone to feed on as I requested?" "They were but I decided to just wait for you, the last few days," I said quietly looking down. I looked up into his eyes and I saw a gleam of delight and arousal. He would have been angry but my wording had him thrilled. "Ahhhh, my pet, I've missed you too." He walked past me into the closet, leaving me standing there looking at the brothers.

The looks we exchanged in that moment were indescribable. The longing, the trepidation, the heart break, the deep pain at the situation; we were all feeling it together. I only broke eye contact with them when Viktor returned. He had hung up his long cloak; being one of the originals his dress was very traditional. He came to me and grabbed my head with his hands, looking down into my eyes before he closed his. I felt him reestablishing the mental connection there with my mind, fixing it to this latest memory. I also felt Nicolae there, tracking what he was doing very closely, making note of where it was and everything else he was doing. Nicolae subtly helped cloud my mind so Viktor wouldn't see anything we couldn't afford him to.

At last he withdrew from my mind and gave me another satisfied smile twinged with sadism. He could now keep a close eye on me again. He drew me to him and then picked me up in his arms, bringing me to his neck, expecting me to feed on him. I closed my eyes with a grimace before I opened them to meet the eyes of the brothers over Viktor's shoulder. My eyes glassed over with tears as I looked at them. I didn't take my eyes off of them as I turned my face and bit down on the side of Viktor's neck. Each wore a pained grimace at his sigh.

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