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**Sex scenes present in this chapter**

They part ways that night as they did before. However it doesn't last all of 15 minutes before Brooke finds her knocking on Cade's door at 10 after 11.

He answers quickly, as if he was anticipating it, or maybe debating doing the same thing himself.

He wordlessly takes her hand, pulling her to his bedroom. His bed hadn't been touched, likely confirming her suspicion that he too was waiting, wanting.

He pulls the bed sheets back. It's clean and made really nicely, all tucked in. She climbs into the other side.

To her surpise, Cade immidetly cuddles into her. Head rested on her shoulder. She wraps her arm around his shoulder.

"Brooke." He says quietly.


"This is gonna sound really pathetic...but I've never had...you know." He says.



Brooke smiles, flipping on the bedside lamp.

"That's okay, you know. It's nothing to be ashamed of." She says softly.

"I know." He says, fumbling with his hands.

"I just have never felt this comfortable with a girl and I really-" he babbles.

Brooke leans in, kissing him. She feels his waist arch up into her body.

She pulls his shirt over his head, then pulls off her own, leaving her in just a black bra.

She takes his hands, placing one on each breast. He arches his body again, this time more towards her, she can feel his dick rub hard against her leg. He seems to pull away, nervously each time.

"It's okay. Do what feels good." She says.

He looks nervous but he closes his eyes and gropes her chest, squeezing hard.

She gently guides him onto his back and slides off her sweat pants.

"Cade?" She says, breaking him of his euphoric state.

"Are you sure this is what you want?"

He nods. She leans down, kissing him on the forehead, then the neck, she down bites softly.

She kisses her way down his rock hard body, taking in every crevice, his defined six pack, all the way down to his V-line.

She slides his pants off too, he flinches.

"It's alright." She soothes. 

She perches herself on top of him, letting their crotches rub between their underwear. Cade bites his lip, closing his eyes.

She shuts off the lamp, and guides his hands to the waistband of her panties. She helps him slide them down and over her feet.

Then she rolls over beside him.

She can tell without looking at his face he is absolutely terrified. His body is tense and shying back.

She takes his hand and lays it on her vagina.

"Feel it. Its okay." She whispers.

Cade strokes it for a minute. Then she moves back on top of him, sliding off his boxers.

Cade's body is shaking.

"Just relax." She says.

She climbs back on top, debating playing with his dick, but honestly, she is pretty sure one pump and he would cum all over himself, and he would never let himself live that down. So she gets right on top.

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