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"Hello mom" Mary greeted her mother as soon as they got to her place

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"Hello mom" Mary greeted her mother as soon as they got to her place. Ruby was right behind Mary holding a plate of cookies that they made earlier that day.

"Ruby it's so nice to see you again!" Mary's mom said giving Ruby a big huge. Her mom took the plate as the two entered the house.

Mary's stepdad was a very successful CEO which meant that they are rich. Mary never liked the idea of being rich but got used to it after a couple of months.

"Mary nice to see you again!" Mary's stepdad commented as Mary gave him a big hug "Hey Ruby long time no see!" He looked over Mary's shoulder to see her best friend.

At first Mary wasn't too fond of her mom getting married to another guy but later she started to actually like her stepdad and even prefers him over her biological dad.

"Dinner's ready" Mary's mom tells the three. "MITCH GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!" Mary's stepdad yells out. Mitch appears out of no where and sits at the table along with the others.

"Hey Mitch" Ruby greeted him as he just gave her a nod. Ruby turned over to Mary "Someone is not in the mood to talk" Mary rolls her eyes before looking at her stepbrother. "Hey Mitch where's your boyfriend?"

"Mary for the last time Auston is not my boyfriend" Mitch spoke up before stuffing his face. Ruby and Mary smiled at each other before continuing to eat their dinner.

"So Mitchell I heard that you got accepted into the same school as Mary and Ruby" Mary's mom said making Mary spit out her drink and Ruby choke on her meatball. "WHAT!" Mary said as Mitch smirked at her.

"Correction Auston and I" Mitch added in making Mary stand up. "WHAT!" Mary clenched her fists as Ruby had her eyes wide open.

The next day....

"You accepted these two talentless boys into this school" Mary complained to the principal. Auston and Mitch stood to the side as Ruby stood behind her for support. "Miss Jones I'm sorry that you feel that way but these two young boys are very talented" the principal said.

"With what? Finger painting?" Mary said making Ruby giggle a little. Everyone in the room looked at her making Ruby stop right away. "Miss Jones these two are accepted into this school because I feel like they have a very artistic mind. Now please leave my office before I start sending out detention slips!"

"Damn they still do detention in college?" Mitch whispered in Auston's ear. Mary looked at the two before stomping out of the office. Ruby followed her best friend to the classroom.

"Can't believe those two got accepted into this school out of all places!" Mary sat down and put her head down on the table "I'm just happy they aren't in this class" she said as the bell went.

"Okay class today we have some new students" The teacher announces as Mitch and Auston enter the classroom. Mary's head was still on her desk, Ruby made sure her head stayed down.

"Hey guys I'm Mitch Marner" Mary's head quickly shot up "And im Auston Matthews!" Ruby prepared herself as Mary let out the loudest scream ever.


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