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"Brother" 3rd trigger word


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          IT WILL TAKE HOURS TO ARRIVE IN HOGWARTS, AND JAZEON WAS HAPPY IN LILY'S Company. Happy, one word or feeling he hadn't feel for over a big amount of year. Jazeon wished it would last, but the marauders arrived. And it annoyed both Jazeon and Lily.

"My Lily Flower!" Came James Potter's annoying voice, the marauders trailing shortly behind. Lily lets out a groan. Jazeon rolled his eyes at the source of voice.

"Potter, Get out before I turn you into an oblivion." Lily threatened, James just laughed. Could you believe it? He just laughed. Jazeon looked at James in annoyance. He loathed James to the end of the world.

"I'm pretty sure, Ms Evans told you to leave now, Potter." Jazeon said in a tone that can scare those who feared him. Which is mostly everyone, they just hid their fear by calling him names. After all, It takes a monster to destroy a monster.

"And who are you to tell me, Monster?" James said to him, Jazeon glared fiercely at Potter. Lily glared at James for calling a misunderstood boy with such names that can cost him pain.

"Just leave, Potter, Please." Lily said in her nicest voice, that left James no choice but to just nod and sends a flying kiss at Lily who looked disgusted.

"It's not done yet, Veller." James whispered to him as Jazeon growled and shuts the door close.

"Don't listen to them, Jazeon. They don't know a thing about you, Jaze." Lily said as Jazeon's face was in his hands. Jazeon was sick of the Marauder's stupid belief of him being a monster. Yes, he is a monster, and so is everyone. And that made them no better.

Jazeon looked up from his hands, his eyes were deep with desperation of an answer. He looked deeply miserable, as if he had been into intense pain than anyone can seem to have. And it was true, he went through pain noone could imagine.

"Lily?" Jazeon asked, Lily hummed in response, her attention was fully now to him. She now felt sincere for Jazeon, because when she imagines if she was in Jazeon's shoes, she would feel worse like he was in. Jazeon was strong and brave to be going in her opinion.

"Am I a monster? Or is this what it means to be human?" Jazeon asked, and that made Lily think. She may be smart but she can't seem to answer Jazeon's question. Is this the questions Jazeon keeps asking himself? Is this why he was so miserably because he couldn't figure any answers.

"I'm sorry, Jazeon. But I can't answer that too, I don't know an answer to that." Lily answered, Jazeon just nodded understanding.

After an hour, Jazeon and Lily exited the train. Jazeon pulled Lily to a place where noone can see them. Lily furrowed her brows in confusion.

"Lily, we have to part ways, I don't want anyone insulting you like they insult me." Jazeon declared to her, or more like announced. Lily furrowed her eyebrows and shook her head.


"But you have to, Lily. We can meet some times. Just please? For me?" Jazeon begged, Lily looked hesitant a first but nodded nontheless. Jazeon let out a breath.

And one thing neither of them expected. Jazeon pulled Lily to a hug, Lily was shocked at first, but she hugged him back.

"Thanks for being my friend, Lily." He whispered to her ear before ushering her to go before anyone raises suspicions on where they are. As Lily went, Jazeon followed behind as he made sure he was far from her.

He was thankful for Lily being a friend to him, and she willingly stood up for him. If only there were many people like Lily and Regulus. And speaking of the devil, Where the bloody hell was Regulus? Jazeon was on his way to find his bestfriend.

As Lily entered the great hall, Severus Snape Immediately approached her. Lily looked annoyed at Snape who had insulted a misunderstood boy who just needed comfort and answers.

"Why are you suddenly hanging out with Veller?" Severus Snape asked her, his voice firm, trying not to attract too many attention. Lily looked annoyed once more.

"Is that a problem, Severus? I can hang out with everyone I want, You're not the boss of me." Lily said, if Jazeon was there to hear her, he would be amazingly proud that she finally stood up against Snape.

"Do you know what he was rumoured to be? He's a monster, Lily!" Severus said raising his voice, it attracted attention, Severus looked awkwardly but he ignored the looks he was receiving.

"Oh, you hate Potter and Black but you believe their rumours?!" Lily asked in disbelief. Severus looked annoyed for a moment. "Look, Severus, I like Jazeon, He's a great misunderstood boy." Lily said, defending her newly found friend.

"You can love a monster, It can even love you back, But that doesn't change it's nature." Snape said, Lily glared at her former friend who was a Slytherin.

"Severus, You're talking about yourself." Lily said rather calmly but fierce, Snape looked annoyed and offended. "Next time you talk about someone, make sure it's not about yourself." She said, walking away from Snape.

In dinner, Jazeon sat beside Regulus who ate some mashed potatoes. Regulus was a 2nd year while Jazeon was in his 4th, he obviously was 2 years older.

"Where were you at the train, you weren't there." Jazeon said, He looked at the Gryffindor table and saw Lily sending him a wave and smile, which Jazeon returned with a charming smile that showed his teeth and dimples. Good thimg Regulus was the only one who saw it.

"I found Barty Crouch Jr alone in the train. I thought he needed company." Regulus said, before looking between Jazeon and Lily suspiciously. "And what did I hear about Evans a gryffindor sitting with you in the train." Regulus asked, rasing a brow.

"Who did you hear that from?" Jazeon asked, Regulus swallowed his mashed potato first.

"From Sirius." Regulus answered dully. He obviously didn't like his brother that much.

"For once, I guess your brother said something right." Jazeon said. Regulus's nose scrunched up.

"I don't consider him my brother, Mother has been having a fit about him, rambling about how she'll disown him if she receives one more letter about him being in trouble again." Regulus said, but Jazeon could tell that no matter what happens, Regulus would always love his brother.

"Brother" the 4th trigger word he added to his list.

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