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Jerome's P.O.V.

Vikk took my hand gingerly and started swinging it up and down as we walked down the road, a shy smile plastered on his face. He was almost skipping, humming happily to himself on the celebratory day that was today. Our anniversary.

It had become a tradition at that point to go out to the same restaurant every night of our anniversary to celebrate as we couldn't really have time off during the day because of our busy schedules. Vikk was so busy with his work that he couldn't afford to take time off.

"Slow down for a sec will you?" I was laughing at his hurry to get to our favourite restaurant, in which we had booked the table that we sat at every year. The little booth at the back, out of the way of all table except a few and we could sit there in comfort without having to listen to everyone else.

He grinned up at me, his short height making him appear much younger than he was but in reality he was only a year younger than I was. As we came into view of the restaurant I saw Vikk's entire face light up like a lightbulb and I grinned to myself. It was the best part, seeing him so excited.

We stepped in the doors of the restaurant and immediately came face to face with the same server that had been serving us since the date when we got together, Sarah. She grinned.

"I was wondering when I would see you two!" She handed us our menus and guided us to the back booth, leaving us alone for a few minutes to decide on our food and drinks.

We got the same thing every time so I didn't even know why she left, Vikk had the chicken burger and raspberry lemonade because he didn't drink and I had the ribs and some sort of beer depending on which one I was favouring. We then shared a dessert together after, normally the chocolate cheesecake.

When she came back Vikk and I were already talking, having not even bothered to open our menus, about the day that had passed. Vikk had had an interesting time recording with Lachlan whose computer had crashed several times and they had spent most of the morning trying to fix what was wrong.

"You ready to order?" She was being sarcastic and I knew that because she was holding Vikk's raspberry lemonade in her hand. "I've already put your food orders in, what do you want Jerome?"

I shrugged, I didn't particularly feel like a beer that day so I just gestured to Vikk's lemonade.

"I think I'll get the same as Vikk." She nodded.

"You two have a good meal okay, I'll bring your food soon."

And then she left us alone to talk and Vikk took over the conversation. I let him talk knowing that he didn't get to do it enough, having time to just talk and talk without interruption from one of the other boys and it was nice to hear him ramble.

When our food came Vikk paused in his conversation to eat and I managed to finally get a word in, telling him about all of the random things that I could think of.

The food was good, I even thought of it as better than normal and really enjoyed it. We were waiting for our dessert when Vikk started rambling again.

"-And so we managed to get his computer running again but then it crashed 5 minutes into recording and we were about to send it off to the repair shop but he realised that he was kicking a cord every time he sat down an-"

"Excuse me miss!!!" The table beside us, a male and female who looked like they might be a couple, called out. Sarah came over and automatically she frowned, telling that something was wrong. "We can't be seated here and I ask that you move us immediately!"

She frowned again and looked at them questioningly. The male who had spoken was being extremely rude and condescending and Sarah obviously didn't appreciate it because she curled her lip.

"What exactly is wrong with this table here sir? I don't see anything wrong."

"Oh there's nothing wrong with this table," He spat out, glaring at her. "What's wrong is the two faggots seated at the table behind us."

I saw Vikk freeze and his eyes came up to me, wide and uncertain. Sarah's reply was so fast and cold that I jumped.

"I am going to have to ask you to leave, right now sir. There is nothing wrong with these two being a couple and they are not doing any harm to anyone."

"They are an abomination on this planet and deserve to die." The man spat back before moving to stand, taking the woman's hand and storming from the restaurant. Sarah came over to our table.

"Damn I'm so sorry for those assholes, I hope that didn't ruin your night?" I was more concerned about Vikk whose eyes were glazed over and whose hands were trembling.

"Sarah do you reckon we could get the dessert to take away? I'm just gonna get him home." She nodded, disappearing and coming back in less than a minutes with the dessert in a little box in a plastic bag.

I took Vikk by his hand and the bag in the other and headed to the front desk to pay, before gently pulling him out onto the footpath outside for the walk home. He seemed really shaken.

"Are you okay Vikk?" He looked up at me and I saw his bottom lip trembling and the tear forming in the corners of his eyes. "Hey, it's okay, it's okay."

We fell into silence on the rest of the walk home, only a few minutes and as soon as we were in front door with our shoes off, Vikk burst into tears. I wrapped him into a hug and he leaned into me, his tears soaking into my t-shirt and his hands clinging to me.

"Is that really how people feel about us?" His voice was quiet and thick and I sighed to myself. We hadn't encountered much homophobia in our time together and even then they weren't as blatant as he had been.

"Yes some people feel that way about us but they're assholes and don't deserve your attention." He giggled through his tears and I took his hand, leaning on me as I guided him to the living room. When either of us were upset or just tired we hunkered down on the couch and watch movies and cuddled for hours, trying to form a protective bubble around the two if us.

Once we were laid down on the couch and there was a movie on the screen I started to whisper to him in comfort.

"You shouldn't listen to anything they say Vikk, you're perfect and nothing they say matters." He replied by resting his head more firmly on my chest, squeezing me tightly.

It wasn't long before he was fast asleep on top of me, long forgetting everything that had just occurred. I fell asleep not long after.

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