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Cade cries for a long time.

Brooke wraps an arm around him, which he willingly falls into. Once he finally calms down, Brooke asks him what she has been thinking this whole time.


Cade wipes his eyes.


"You say this happens all the time?"

Cade nods.

"How come its only happened twice? Why didn't it happen last night?"

Cade doesn't look the least bit surpised, and his answer sounds nothing less than rehearsed.

"Last night was the first night since that I haven't been thinking about the accident. I've been thinking about you."

That hits Brooke like a shot in the chest. She suddenly can't breath. She felt like she knew that somehow, but she didn't expect to hear him say it.

She pulls Cade into her. She squeezes him so tight he can't breath either. He hugs her back, laying his head on her shoulder, wet face nuzzled into her neck.

They're sitting in a now-cold puddle. They seem to have forgotten about.

Once they pull apart Cade stands up.

"I'm sorry." He looks at his pants, still wet in the crotch.

"Shh." She says. She doesn't try to declothe him this time. She just kisses his forehead and leaves the room.

She goes and sits on the couch. Not because she doesn't want to help, but she doesn't want to push it.

"Psh" she laughs outloud at the thought.

Like she hasn't already pushed him beyond his limits. She feels guilty for a moment. Then she sees the skid in the wall, from the gun shot. Chills go up her spine.

Cade cleans himself up and changes the bedding. He has to pace the in front of the door for a while before he actually opens it.

Brooke nearly jumps out of her skin when she feels a hand on her back.

"Jesus Christ." She jumps up.

"Sorry." Cade says, stepping back.

"No, it's okay. You just- you scared me." She says.

Cade plops on the couch beside her, fairly distant.

They watch TV for a while. Brooke is left to stew in her own thoughts. She feels somewhat guilty for pulling out her phone and typing in "Caden Belmount".

She is aghast to see the dozens of articles that result.

'America's "A Team" killed in Iraq tragedy.'

'Lone Survivor of America's "A Team" speaks for first time since accident'

'Belmount absent at fellow 'brothers' joint burial'

That last one catches Brooke's eye.

She clicks it.

'Caden Belmount, the only survivor of the tragic landmine accident, was absent at Arlington National Cemetery on Thursday as his team members, Austin Smith, Bobby Rodakowski, Ryan Bentley, Braxton Fletcher, and Rick Ryker were laid to rest. Thousands flooded the streets of Arlington but Belmount was nowhere to be found. Sources say he is still in the hospital recovering.'

She continues to scan the articles, all saying the same thing in different words. Cade never went to the burial.

She takes in a deep breath, wondering if she is going to regret what she is about to do.

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