Chapter 8- Sad Days...

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Chapter eight- 

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I feel like I should mention that this story is going to become a lot more darker.  But just stick with me, it'll have a good pay off.  And,  I'm thinking of introducting a new character. Maybe, it'll be someone from Star's past or maybe it'll be a new student. 

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“I’m never going to let you sit alone.” James said. Thirteen hours had passed since our “date”.  I didn’t sleep the entire night.   James had almost kissed me under the stars but something had stopped him from following through with the act.

 “You should never have to sit, alone star. Okay?” James said.

I wouldn’t look at him and I wouldn’t allow myself to fall in the deep, fiery depths of his eyes.  I stared through the large, open windows of the room.  I saw a large blue bird perched on a branch of a large oak tree. The bird was siting alone, observing the world with black, slanted eyes.  A summer breeze moved the branches of the trees. The wind was like a quiet, faint whisper and I could almost hear the sound through the window.

  James dropped his metal tray on the table and sat down. He sat on the opposite side of the table but he still felt too close.

“So, what did you think of last night?” He asked.  He picked an apple off his tray and twisted the stem between his long fingers. His eyes were bright and hopeful.  His eyes always seemed so vibrant and full of life.

I licked my lips, nervously and kept my head low.  

 “Are you licking your lips to tease me?”  He commented.

I shook my head.

“Okay, well I had a really good time last night. It’s unfortunate that your brother had to tag along. I’m not using to having someone chaperone my dates.” James said.

It wasn’t exactly a date, James. 


“But, your mother is very protective over you and she doesn’t trust me. Though, she worries too much about you because she loves you.” He said.

James looked down at my tray that was full of food. 

‘Are you going to eat?’ He asked.

I wasn’t really hungry and it was hard to eat when he was staring. 

“Please, you should really eat something.” James said.

Why did you care, James?


“I mean you are not eating at all.” James said.

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