Chapter VI

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I began to feel the ends of my toes, wiggling them against a felt-like surface. Then the nerves and muscles in my legs began to twitch and I stirred slightly, feeling the rumbling of a motor underneath me. I groaned in pain, swaying my head side to side on a leather head rest. My eye lids felt heavy but after a few tries I opened them, my vision blurry and my head spinning.

"Can't have her too banged up," I recognized the voice. It was the man I had danced with a few hours earlier. Or maybe a few days later, I couldn't tell how long I had been out.

"Please, he'd come if she were chopped up into pieces," another voice echoed in my head. It was a woman's voice, my Mother maybe. No, she wasn't my Mother anymore. She was nothing.

"Don't tempt me," he replied and I heard him shift in his seat. I finally felt myself regain consciousness, the man's features becoming more detailed as he sat across from me. I felt something dig into my wrists and something binding my ankles together tightly, making me shift uncomfortably. I winced as my wound began to ache again. It was odd not seeing it bleed. My dress was perfectly intact except for the gash through the fabric where the dagger had teared it. It was still blindingly white.

When my vision cleared up, the first thing I was met with was his provoking smile. "Bastard," I managed to mutter, looking around me. I stared out of the window of the moving car. It was still dark out, so I assumed not more than a few hours had gone by.

"Now now, no need for harsh words," he taunted me and clenched my fists.

"What do you want from me?" I asked lowly.

"Well, I don't want anything from you, per say. But it is more what you can bring me," he said and I glanced at my Mother — Abigail — sitting next to him. "I'm looking for a man named Lucifer. Perhaps you know him?" he teased.

"I don't recall," I played along, forcing a taunting smile but he only laughed.

"I assumed you wouldn't. Either way, it doesn't alter what I have planned."

"And what are these plans? Please, tell me, I've got nothing but time on my hands." The driver turned harshly on the road and I leaned to the left, not being able to stop myself from falling over with my hands tied. I managed to raise myself back up straight and I huffed out a breath.

"Are these really necessary?" I raised my arms, showing him my two hands linked by a plastic tie. "You don't think me crazy enough to jump out of a moving car, do you?"

"I think you crazy enough to do many things," he stated and I closed my mouth after not finding anything to say. "It's seems that wherever you go, Lucifer isn't very far behind."

"Well he isn't here now, and he won't be coming any time soon."

"Don't underestimate his feelings towards you, Olivia." I looked into his eyes with doubt, his face still covered by the mask.

"He doesn't feel anything for me. He doesn't feel anything at all."

"We both know that isn't true."

"And if he does come, what will happen then?"

"All in due time love," he shook his head slightly, leaning back into his seat. My eyes shifted to Abigail, who hadn't said a word during the entire conversation.

"And you're just going to let all of this happen?" I asked her and she looked at me with cold, dead eyes. "You raised me my whole life and now you're just going to watch me fall?" All her warmth and love had withered away, leaving behind an empty shell I couldn't recognize.

"You aren't my daughter. You were my case," she said flatly and I sucked in a breath, holding back my tears. I hadn't felt this way in what seemed like forever. Dying took all my pain away, but now it seemed like it was all flooding back in.

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