12: Across Campus

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Hey! How are you all doing? Hope you're all doing good. Anyways, here's chapter 12 of Across Campus & I hope you enjoy it! I don't think there's many more chapters left of this story, and then we will be saying good bye to Chase, Harley, Asher, Nate and good knows who else! Sad times :( Teen Wolf <3 man, I love Dylan O'Brien


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Honestly, I don’t think my plan could have got any better if I tried. Of course, I couldn’t take all the credit for myself. Unknowingly, Chase, the twins and Nate all helped it work. Without them and their efforts, my plan would have been a little bit harder to execute. I’d send them all a ‘Thank You’ card, but I don’t think that would be appropriate.

Slowly I take a sip of tea, imagining the look on Harley’s face as she realised her boyfriend was getting done for murder. Oh, it was brilliant. So much shock, so much betrayal! The boy she was ‘in love’ with done something horrible. But no, the best thing about it was when she had to sit there and think was he really capable of doing that. Yes, that was the best. How easily it could have been for me to pull her into my own arms and comfort her. She could have easily been mine.

I place the teacup down, and replace it with a picture of Harley in my hand. I got it from her room a few days ago (I don’t think she’s realised it’s missing it yet). It’s a beautiful picture, of her by herself in what seems to be a party dress for some kind of occasion.

It pained me to go all this time resisting her. To not give into the temptation of her, and to patiently wait until she could be mine. Time has nearly run its course, and the wait is nearly over. Harley will soon be mine, while Chase rots away in a jail cell for a crime he did not commit.

Shoving the picture back in my pocket, I drink the rest of my tea, and smile at the thought of having Harley to myself.

Yes, soon I will pay her a visit. 


Asher is lounging very casually on my sofa when I return home. His legs are up hanging over the arm, his head resting on one of my pillows from my bed, a large bag of crisps resting on his stomach as well as the controller. He looks very relaxed and uncaring for someone that’s meant to be trying to find a way to get their best friend out of jail.

Kicking of my shoes, I call out to him. “Comfy there, Asher? Would you like anything else, a sandwich maybe?”

He turns his head, and gazes at me. Taking a crisp into his mouth, he contemplates his answer. “I would like a sandwich, yes. But I don’t think I’m going to get one by the sassy tone that you’re using.”

Nate comes in behind me, shuts the door, and kicks off his shoes. “I told you we should have got Subway.”

“I read an article on the internet that said the bread from Subway is made from the same rubber tires or mats or whatever are made out of. Of course it’s not true, but it’s put me off of Subway from the time being.” I inform Nate as I slowly make my way over to the arm chair. Plopping down into it, I steal one of my brother’s lollipops that are occupying space on my coffee table, and pop it into my mouth. 

 “Just because you’re put off of Subway, doesn’t mean the rest of us have to suffer,” Nate tells me, sitting on the other arm chair. Instead of stealing a lollipop, he steals a gummy worm. It hangs out of his mouth, swinging past his chin.

Taking the lolly out of my mouth, I give Nate a glare. “Stop complaining! You enjoyed the fish and chips we got. So hush.” I shove the very nice strawberry flavoured lolly back into my mouth, and wait for Nate to make his retort. It wouldn’t surprise me if we now all got into an argument about what’s better - Fish and chips, or Subway?

“You guys are making me hungry,” Asher grumbles, shoving another handful of crisps into his mouth. I peak at the bag, the evil part of me secretly wishing that he’s eating Salt and Vinegar so that when he bites his lip/inside of his cheek for talking with his mouthful, he will then learn his lesson. I laugh quietly to myself, which in turn earns me odd looks from the pair of boys.

“Talking about food, you’ll never guess who we saw at the coffee place across the street,” Nate addresses Asher, turning his whole body to face him.

Asher shifts his body up, and places the crisps onto the coffee table. “Who?” he asks, raising an eyebrow.

“The janitor,” Nate nods his head, his eyebrows rising in sync. “God man, it’s so weird seeing him outside of school grounds. I didn’t know he actually left the house in his free time. Well, I did after that whole ‘mugging’ incident happened. But yeah, it’s just weird. I felt quite sorry for him, sitting on his own.”

Nate has Asher’s full attention now. “The janitor?” Asher repeats. “Weird. I don’t know man, there’s something off about that mugging incident. Why would you want to mug a janitor? And it always seemed a bit coincidental to me that it had happened the same time…she was murdered.” Asher’s eyes shoot to me, and I wave him off with a roll of his eyes. Avoiding the fact that someone got murdered – and the fact that Chase was taking the blame for it – wasn’t going to get it to go away. If I wanted to help him, and wanted these problems to go away ignoring it wasn’t going to help. Hiding from it wasn’t going to do the trick, but facing it head on will.

“Always,” Asher continued, “I actually did do some work today. I made a list of everyone that has access to all students’ rooms. There’s the headmaster…” Asher lists of a few more people, “…and the janitor.”

“You really don’t like this janitor, do you?” I smile slightly at Asher. “But if you think something’s there, why not go and talk to a few people and see what you can find out about him? Ask about the mugging, too. See if you can get any more information.”

Nate nods in agreement. “Yes, and hopefully we can get closer to the truth and get Chase the hell out of there.”

Asher turns his whole body around, so he’s facing forward, but can easily turn his head from side to side with ease to see Nate and me. “Yeah, how is Chase?”

I shrug, my eyes falling to the floor. “As good as a guy whose being accused of murder can be, I guess.” Looking up at Asher, I see him frowning. Sighing, I stand up and make my way to him.

“He’s fine, Ash. I promise.” Smiling at my brother, I pull him into a hug. “He’s fine.”

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