Chapter 8

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Present day
Kassie's POV

The water cascaded down my face, you really don't realise how much of a luxury a shower is until you have been deprived of one for weeks. It felt like heaven, I didn't feel like a prizoner anymore, I didn't agnoledge that my inevitable doom was beyond that very door. I never wanted to leave.

As the water soaked my hair and body, I imagined I was under a waterfall in a safe place, a haven. But all my praying and pleading for that to happen were hopeless.

I went to wash my hair, but noticed there was no sanitary products. I knew this was no situation where I use his shampoo and then he complements the way I smell and all that shit. This wasn't a love story. Not at all.

It was depressing knowing that I was going to die here. Either he was going to kill me or torture me for the rest of my days. Defiantly depressing.

"YOU'VE GOT 2 MUINTES TO GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF THERE OR I'LL BE FORCED TO COME IN" Harry yelled over the noise of the shower.

Even though I felt like I was in a tropical paridise, I was still Harry's. Still his punching bag, still his slave.

I turned the shower of and sighed. I looked at myself in the steamed mirror, I traced the outline of my face hoping there was actually someone in the mirror to take me away.

"1 MINUTE" I heard Harry warn.

I tried to dry my hair but I knew I didn't have time, so I hastily put on my clothes before taking a deap Breath and opening the door.

Harry wasn't there.

My eyes darted around the room, expecting to see him, but there was no sign of him, I tiptoed into the kitchen, dining room and living room, but I couldn't see him anywere.

My eyes finally fixed onto the front door. It was closed, as expected. I knew this was my chance. But I couldn't go through the trauma of being stabbed again. I glanced down at my thigh, I hadn't fully healed from that yet, I couldn't take another.

I lost track of time whilst thinking about escaping that I hardly noticed Harry slipping into sight. He clapped his hands bringing me out of my thoughts. I stared at him with terrified eyes. He smirked and for a moment we just stood there. I was beginning to wonder why.

"Good girl." He cooed, "Now get back in your room." I hesitated before shaking my head and pleading, "Please don't put me back in there, please. I'm begging you." His every move terrified me.

"Beg then." I can't belive he was going to make me do this. I knelt down on my hands and knees infront of him and begged.

"Now that's my girl." The words made me shudder. I could feel the tears welling up, if he didn't leave soon I would burst into tears right in front of him. I scrambled off the floor and noticed that he looked alot more intimidating than before. I knew this was his aim, to beat me into submission, physically and mentally.

That's probally what he did to his other kidnappees. I hated to think that other people had gone through the same trauma that I have.

"Follow me then." He started to walk out of the room and I obediently followed, not wanting to recive a punishment.

I knew I was becoming who he wanted me to be. And part of me was screaming at me to disobay him over and over again, but then the other part of me told me to do what he wanted as a survival tack-tic.

I trudged up the stairs behind him and looked around nervously, I had never been up here before, I passed what I presumed was a bathroom and Harry's bedroom before he stoped and opened the door and I was presented with a immaculate room, the theme of this house was obviously white, which was a bit ironic considering blood stains anything white.

There was a king sized bed tucked in the corner of the room with drawers and dressers with mirrors and I could see another door leading of to a bathroom. It was perfect, until I noticed the set of chains in the far right corner of the room.

I stared at Harry.

Harry beconed me inside the room and I stepped inside, I felt like I was in a palace, I wasn't in a tropical paradise, or a pshycho's prizon but a palace.

I just didn't realise that this room would be so bittersweet. Harry dragged me towards the chains and shoved me to the ground. He tied the rattling chains around my ankles and wrists and simply muttered, "this room will be yours when you learn to behave." I looked confused and I knew he knew I was. " But." I was hesitant to speak, "I have been Good." I cringed at my reply, I sounded more needy than ever but I was desperate.

"Not good enough" he shook his head to back up his point. "But If you behave, we can learn to get along.

A million thoughts raced through my head.

Sure we can get along, it's not like you kidnapped me or anything. YOU FUCKING PSYCHO!

I calmed myself, not wanting say another word. Sure he was a sick, twisted person, but he was in control of me and I wasn't prepared to spend another second In that cellar.

As soon as Harry had left, I searched the pockets of my jeans for the key that I used to escape last time, Harry hadn't figured out about that yet. I found it and tried the locks, but my efforts were In vain. Harry must have some experience in this sort of thing.

My eyes darted around the room in search for another note or key , but there was nothing, I was just going to have to wait. And wait. And wait.

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