Chapter Thirty-Three: My morning is beautiful with you in it, my dear.

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Chapter Thirty-Three: My morning is beautiful with you in it, my dear.

Wednesday Morning

AARON smiled knowingly at his sister as he drove them both to school.

He knew that she skipped yesterday with George but didn't mind. As long George didn't do anything stupid, Aaron didn't mind their relationship.

Lydia covered her burning cheeks with her cool hands, even the thoughts of yesterday made her blush.

How on earth was she supposed to face George when her heart was fluttering at just the thoughts of yesterday's events?

Kayla was smiling at her best friend as she leaned against the lockers. Kayla always found a soft spot in her heart for Lydia. She was telling her all about her holiday, the important parts.

Though Lydia wasn't listening because George was across the corridor smiling at her like she was the only girl in the hallway.

He was surrounded by the football team and the cheerleaders, all talking about anything to catch his attention.

Though only Lydia caught his attention, the only one who could turn his head.

Pushing himself off the lockers he walked towards her, just like their first encounter,. He was walking towards his queen.

Yet, this time he knew her and his heart was completely hers, not longing to be. "Morning beautiful." He said, giving her one of his infamous lopsided smiles.

He noticed her friend, Kayla Henderson leaning on the locker beside Lydia's. Her eyes were wide with shock as if she didn't believe he was talking to Lydia.

Lydia blinked, what was this boy doing to her? She was completely lost for words before smirking.

"Aren't you supposed to be dead?"

Smiling, George was once again surprised by the mystery that is Lydia Jackson.


I wrote a lot of chapters today and left my homework to the side :/ also I am up so late! Ugh, I'm actually hating the school year so far :( anyone else with me?


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