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It was two days until the concert and Ava was so happy. And I mean like jumping around and screaming happy. We were going to go out probably just have a coffee.

Isla-"Netflix chill with me, bedroom romances." She sang while doing her jet black hair. I don't know how she does it, her hair is so thick and curly, like a cloud if they were black.

Soph-"Isla are you singing a RoadTrip song?"

She stopped doing her hair. "Oh god it is."

Ella-"I don't know if I can be your friend anymore." Ella put her hand on her forehead and fake fainted on Isla's bed.

Soph-"You're so dramatic." I said to her. "Anyway why a RoadTrip song?"

Isla-"I don't know. I guess because Ava played it so many times it's stuck in my head." She said getting back to her hair.

After we finished getting ready we went to my car. Isla and I sat in the front and Ella and Ava in the back.

Ella-"Soph slow down!"

Ava-"Oh my god. We're all going to die."

I forgot to mention I'm quite a bad driver.

We made it to Starbucks safely. Don't know how. But at least we're all in one piece. 

Ava-"That was the worst car ride I've ever been in. Even I can drive better than that. And I don't even have my license!" we walked through the doors.

Soph-"Just be happy that we're alive."

The three of us had got our drinks and sat down, we were just waiting for Isla. She came and sat down at our table shortly after we did.

Isla-"You know I'm just going to tell people my name is Rose or something." She sat down and put her drink on the table.

Ella-"How did they spell it now?" Ella sighed knowing it was a common problem.


Soph-"so aila?"

Isla-"I don't think anyone has ever spelt my name right when we go here."

We laughed and finished our drinks.

Ella-"Isla are we staying at your house in Birmingham when we go?"

Isla-"Yeah if you want."

Isla is from Birmingham and the show was there so why not stay at her old house. I told everyone I was going to the toilet and I went to go find it. I wasn't looking where I was going and I accidentally bumped into someone...

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