Chapter Thirty-Two: His one and only.

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Chapter Thirty-Two: His one and only.

Tuesday Night.

SHE was sprawled across her bed on her stomach. Double tapping on one of Kayla's Instagram posts, Lydia smiled. Her best friend was coming home tomorrow and would they will have loads to talk about.

George, she thought as she scrolled down her feed. She'd probably talk about George.

Kayla would kill her if she'd keep something like George's and her 'relationship' a secret. She prided herself on knowing gossip before anyone else.

Lydia wasn't really into gossiping, just an ear for Kayla to talk to but never repeating the information she heard. She never stuck her nose into somebody else's business.

George laid on the living room couch, listening to music on his headphones as his parent's fought over the television bill. Such a simple thing could set them off in a tantrum.

He sighed, looking down at his phone screen. Typing a few words to the person that could take his mind off the feud in front of him. Thinking was never really his thing.

George <3: I know random facts about almost everything. If you ask me about something. Anything. I'd probably know something about it.

Lydia smiled at her phone screen, this boy always popped up when she was thinking about him.

Lydia <3: Polar bears?
Lydia <3: I know that sometimes the most underrated things are the best.

George <3: Polar bears are actually black, not white.
George <3: That was so deep I think I'm drowning ;)

Lydia<3 : *watching you drown*

Grinning at his phone screen George didn't care about his parents fighting in front of him. All he cared about was the girl who had his heart.


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