⚫Chapter 8⚫

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I walked back to our table with feeling annoyed. Why did he even bother speaking to me? If he doesn't want to be involved with me, he shouldn't even talk or look at me. I took a seat realizing that there was a lot of us. Five girls and six boys. Why the hell were there so many of us?

"Is this your first year?" Neha asked me.

"Yeah. It is. What about you guys?"

"It's my second," Neha exclaimed.

"It's our first," the twins said at the exact same time.

"We're going to have so much fun!" Saphira exclaimed.

Yeah, I had a feeling we would all become really good friends.

"Is that your mate?" Indigo whispered to Saphira while looking at Lucian.

He sat on the other end of the table with the rest of the boys.

"Yes, it is."

He finally noticed Saphira's gaze and winked at her. She blushed and blew him a kiss.

"Aww, you guys are cute."

"Thank you. Have you guys found your mate yet?"

"Yeah, it's Raphael," Violet exclaimed.

"Julian," Indigo added.

"Aww, that's adorable," Saphira exclaimed.

"What about you Neha?" I asked with curiosity.

"Well, Uh. I kind of met him today..."

"Ooh, do spill," Indigo exclaimed.

Neha looked over at Blaike and blushed.

"Your mate is Blaike?!!" Saphira yelled.

"Shh," I told her before giving her a slap on the knee.

"Wow, I never saw that one coming."

"I had a feeling," I stated.

"You did?"

"Well, I did see you staring at him and smiling, so I figured."

"Gosh, I must've looked so weird," she giggled.

"Who's your mate Leilani?"

I felt my heart beat speed up as I heard Violet's question.

"Oh, um I'm not a werewolf," I exclaimed.

"You're not?!" Neha asked sounding surprised.

"Nope, I'm human."


"Wait, so, if you're a human, how did you know about us?" Violet asked.

"Well, my parents found me on their doorstep eighteen years ago, so I was basically raised by werewolves."

"Wow, "everyone exclaimed.

I smiled feeling a bit awkward.

"So, can we eat?" I asked out loud.

"Yeah, I think it's a buffet," Julian exclaimed.

I grabbed Saphira and dragged her towards the buffet.

"Geez, your grip is hard," she complained.

"Sorry, not sorry."

We both grabbed our plates and walked towards the sushi.


I turned around to see Julian running over towards us with his plate in his hand.

"Geez, you can go first," I said while stepping to the side.

We watched him grab seven sushi rolls onto his plate and move towards the noodles. My mouth remained open for a couple of seconds looking at Julian piling noodles onto his plate.

"Yup. That's Julian for you," Indigo exclaimed.

After getting my sushi, I walked towards the rice and piled some onto my plate.


I looked up to see Jasper on the other side of the food table.


"So how do you know Nathan?"

I finished placing rice onto my plate and walked around to him.

"We're best friends."

"Oh, that's cool."

I waited for him to finish scooping up the broccoli onto his plate and took the spoon.

"You're not a werewolf right?"


He nodded his head while walking away from me.

"He definitely has the hots for you," Neha stated as we walked back to our seats together.

"You think so?"

"No. I know so."

As soon as I sat down in my chair, I immediately started digging in.

"Easy there, tiger. Slow down," Nathan exclaimed as I scarfed down my noodles.

I grunted while giving him a dirty look. Let me eat in peace Natty! I noticed Elias smile as I gave Nathan a dirty look which made me surprised. This was my second time seeing him smile. He should definitely do that more often.

After around seven minutes, I got up to grab my second plate. And what a coincidence! Elias got up as well. I was going to personally murder this guy. He better not say a word to me!

I walked towards the fish and starting placing some onto my plate. Sure, enough Elias stood weirdly close to me as I was doing so. After placing the fish on my plate, I walked away towards the mussels.

I looked over the food table to see him walking over towards me. Was this dude following me? He came around the table and stood next to me again. I looked at his plate to see fish.

"Can you stop following me?" I gritted between my teeth.

I saw Indigo turn around from the salad bar and gave her a brief smile.

"I'm not following you."

I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"Well, it sure feels like you are."

I walked away from him for the 2nd time and grabbed some sweet and sour chicken.

"Is Eli bothering you?" Jasper asked out of nowhere.

What's with these boys appearing out of nowhere? He literally scared me.

"It's best to just ignore him. He can be a douche sometimes."

"I figured."

I looked up to see Elias staring at me from the salad bar. I watched him clench his fist while glaring at me.

It was that moment that I realized I hated Elias Vasilios Calderon.

One, for being so damn attractive no matter how mad or weird he was.

And two, for being a total jerk.

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