Day 1

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October 1st, 2:00PM

I say, and I quote, "I wonder if anyone will notice that my written fantasies reflect the reality of what's happening? That even this very part is a reflection on some way, shape, or form of what is to come..."

The above quote is my favorite simply because it's from one of my favorite authors.

Anyway, before I get into anymore irrelevant thoughts about myself. I guess I should start out with my name. I'm Julius Corvis. I realize this is my journal and introducing my name like this is a story is stupid. But I don't know how to start this.

I got it. Today my therapist gave me a full bill of health. Dr. Connors said that I can be a functioning member of society again. He did, however give me a suggestion. He told me to keep a journal as it would help me to reflect and keep my mind focused on selfcare. Personally I think it's a silly and somewhat tedious idea. Then again, it may be interesting.

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